Looking for Great Homes in Rahatani? Head over to Life 360 today!

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  • 13th September, 2018

 Project in Rahatani

Looking for Great Homes in Rahatani? Head over to Life 360 today!

Sprint towards a playful life!

You wake up in the morning as the ‘alarm’ wakes you up, scuttle through your morning chores and rush to the workplace. You come home a bit tired, then there a bit of some family time over TV and dinner…and that’s the end of the day! So, your hectic schedule doesn’t allow you to spare any time for your fitness. You think of joining a gym, an aerobics class or Pilate …but it all goes kaput as you think of the expenses and time! Well, now how about staying at a home that has an inbuilt fitness funda?

If it’s a project in Rahatani, it has to be Life 360!

A plush and playful project in Rahatani, Life 360 offers you a complete living. Along with its unique features of sports amenities; it sports a huge premises, eye catching elevation, scrupulous planning and meticulous detailing.

Just a glance at these fitness essentials…and you would jump, skip and hop to be at Life 360!

Take a dip… feel fresh!  Swimming pool with a deck

Wash off all the fatigue and stress of a busy day in the azure, lavish swimming pool.  That’s a revitalizing dose of your daily tonic. If you don’t wish to swim, taking a dekko from the deck would be as cool!

Kick start an active life – Futsal court, Basket ball court 

Set your goal. Let your adrenaline rush. Face the challenge…and take it head on. There is nothing as exciting as chasing a futsal ball! Get set to give Lozano a complex! 

Jog along and be happy – Jogging Track

You race against time to keep ahead in your career. Sometimes, at the cost of your fitness. A jogging track is the best place to defeat those mounting cholesterol levels and diseases like diabetes. So, if you don’t have time for any sport, just jog along!

Get in the groove! – Indoor sports

Carom board: Let your mind be agile and fingers nimble. Aim hard and strike. Win that queen. This indoor sport is simply addictive!

Tennis court: Practice your back hand. Get brisk and get that bisque. Whether it’s singles or doubles, it’s advantage you!

Fun zone for toddlers: Watch your kids hop, skip, run and swing. Let them breathe in a lungful of fresh air…and have lots of good fun!

Baby pool: Teach your kids to swim like a fish… whether it’s a backstroke or butterfly!

Be at Life 360. Make your life healthy , complete and peppy!

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