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Ever since then, Namrata Group has grown as one of the best builders & developers in Pune. Its story has been one of the most remarkable journeys of learning, growth, and delivering a dream home to over 8000 customers. Innovating the future of construction and design, Namrata Group has designed over 150 residential properties as well as commercial spaces, over 4 Decades, which are luxurious, spacious, and ideal for blissful living and a successful tomorrow

Over the past 4 decades, Namrata Group has established and developed Pune Real Estate as well as Talegaon Real Estate. By making the dream of the home buyer their own, Namrata Group has worked in the direction of delivering happiness to the customer by turning their dreams into reality. The development of Talegaon, an upcoming satellite city is proof of the contribution that Namrata Group has had in the overall development of Talegaon Real Estate. With over 6500+ residents living in Namrata Homes across Talegaon, the town has seen immense growth, an increase in employment opportunities, and an overall increase in the lifestyle of the locals of Talegaon. Truly, Namrata Group has transformed Talegaon Real Estate with their dedicated understanding of customer needs and delivering homes that are an upgrade in terms of space, style, and lifestyle.

About Talegaon

Developing premium residential townships, commercial complexes
lifestyle gated communities, and affordable abodes
Our Vision
By creating innovative designs and using modern engineering, Namrata Group envisions to be one of the most preferred real estate firms in the state. As one of the top builders in Pune, Namrata Group adds meaningful value to their clients’ dream homes. The team of expert professionals at Namrata Group is constantly determined to give remarkable results when it comes to the design, execution, and delivery of commercial as well as residential property in Talegaon and Pune.
Our Mission
Built on the pillars of transparency, credibility, truthfulness, and accuracy, Namrata Group has always had a mission to deliver the best when it comes to real estate in Pune, Talegaon, and Kamshet. When the legacy of over 4 decades stands tall, it is built on the satisfaction and joy that the customers have felt at their Namrata Group homes and commercial spaces.
Our Values
At Namrata Group, our values are to always be truthful with the customer, to work hard and deliver the property in the time promised, and to always provide quality properties in the market. Namrata Group values the authenticity and expectation of every customer, making sure the same is satisfied in the entire experience of purchasing and investing in properties with Namrata Group.