Commercial spaces around Residential areas

  • Posted by: Sahir
  • 18th January, 2023

Commercial spaces in Tathawade around residential areas are a must these days. For city-dwellers, having convenient access to daily needs & requirements around their homes is life-saving. Traveling to and back from the office in thick traffic, the last thing on your mind would be to again venture out of the home to fetch your daily essentials. Complexes and shops in the project premises or -a bit away are a blessing. In keeping with this sentiment, Namrata Group & Bhandari Associates have brought to you Area 7, a commercial complex that is part of 7 Plumeria Drive, one of the popular residential projects in Pune.


Commercial spaces in Tathawade


Having commercial spaces in residential areas works well for both. While the residents have access to most of their needs nearby, the commercial spaces get access to the huge catchment of the residential area. There is a sure-shot customer base for any commercial enterprise and it spells great for business success.

When scouting for homes, you must check out 7 Plumeria Drive at Tathawade, near Dange Chowk, Pune. Tathawade is one of the best residential areas in Pune. This popular residential project offers 2, 3, and BHK flats in Pune and is replete with all modern amenities. 600+ families are already residing here happily.

Investing in commercial spaces like those at Area 7 has its unique benefits. Let us explore.

Why Area 7 should be a commercial success for investors?


Commercial spaces in Tathawade


Strategic Location

Visibility is a primary factor for business success. For more walk-ins, you should be visible to your customers. Area 7 is located on the main road. This leaves less room for fancy advertisements about your commercial space in Area 7. People even passing by the road will be able to spot your space.

Mushrooming residential projects

The location is fast developing into a sought-after area amongst homebuyers. Some of the best residential projects in Pune are coming up here soon. In times to come, this area would come up as a premium residential hotspot of Pune. If you have been scouting for 2 BHK flats in Pune, 7 Plumeria Drive is a popular project to check out.

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Huge Catchment, premium customers

Area 7 is a commercial part of a thick catchment at 7 Plumeria Drive. 7 Plumeria Drive already has good occupancy. With more than 8000 families residing here, there is a huge requirement for commercial spaces in the vicinity to cater to their needs.

Residents living in plush, premium setups have great purchasing power too. So whether it is high-end products/ services or economy brands, everything would sell at Area 7.

No Close Competition

Businesses flourish when there is less/ no competition around their setup. In a radius spanning 3 km, there are no big retail or commercial setups. This puts Area 7 enjoy to a kind of monopolistic space where when you are short on time, and whether you like it or not, you would need to visit the commercial spaces in the complex to fulfill your needs.

Amenities & Facilities at Area 7

Area 7 offers the perfect setup for commercial spaces in Tathawade. There is a professional housekeeping agency to maintain the complex premises so you don’t need to bother about petty issues. There are a host of amenities to facilitate better working conditions for the people employees at the complex. There is a mechanical parking system, 100% DG backup for complete common load, and premium lifts have been installed. There is provision for split AC in all shops and offices. A fire-fighting system is in place for any untoward incident.


Commercial spaces in Tathawade


Area 7 is a perfect place for commercial investment in Pune. While the complex itself is a big alluring factor, the crowd-pullers are the existing and upcoming residential apartments on that road. So you only need to take care of your business, the customer base is already ready and will multiply manifold in times to come.

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Commercial spaces in Tathawade around a residential setup is the right combination for business success. With more residential projects coming up in the vicinity, any business would flourish and grow in this premium investment hotspot. Grab your chance to book space at Area 7, and get assured customer footfall!