Home Decor Tips to Create More Space in Your 1 BHK Home

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 22nd September, 2020

Space management has critical significance if you stay in a 1BHK home. If you crave for a little more space, utilizing it in an ideal and creative manner will enhance its size and look. It is then time for you to put on your thinking hats and get down to business. There is no need to even think about moving into a bigger house. By following minimalist interior design tips and small house storage hacks for design and storage, you can actually make your home look bigger. You need to implement suave, yet functional 1 BHK interiors. With some clever space planning, homeowners can transform a 1 BHK into a home that has everything and is welcoming.


Let us explore home decor tips and diy hacks for home that will help you configure it to your lifestyle even with the limited space.

5 Smart Ways to Reinvent your 1 BHK for a Spacious Look

1. Use vertical space

Try and keep your floor clear and make the most of the wall space. Walls depict space when used properly. You may use the wall height and add tall bookcases, cabinets, book shelves, foldable beds and foldable tables. It is a good idea to hang art in a glass frame, which creates reflection and makes a space feel more expansive. If you plan on having a book shelf, place the lighter books on top and the darker and thicker ones at the bottom. You may use a foldable ladder to access the shelves above the doors and windows. Another way to use the vertical space is to have wide and long furnishings like long curtains, wide shelves etc. Anything that draws the attention upwards makes the room feels bigger so if you use wallpapers for the ceiling, it will make the room look more spacious. High raised shelves free up floor space giving ample room for display and the need for more furniture is minimized.

2. Create an illusion

You can trick the mind into believing that the room is more spacious than it looks such as:

Mirrors: A Mirror can do wonders at making your home seem big by placing mirrors at strategic positions. By creating a focal point and pointing the mirror towards, it can create an illusion of depth. The mirrors could face the French windows or any source of natural light, making your room brighter. If not on a wall, the mirror could be placed on the cupboards, kitchen cabinet etc. You can spot areas where you can mount mirrors of different sizes. In fact identifying one at the corner of a room can increase illumination in it.

See-through décor: Using see-through décor like curtains in your bathroom, transparent glass tables or furniture will automatically make the room seem bigger. Using floor-to-ceiling curtains will also add an extra illusion of a wider room.




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3. Impact of Colours

The right colors can add depth and space into any small area. Using neutral colours which have a soothing and even-toned effect causes an illusion of a wider space. Colors like white, beige, light brown, grey and cream creates a magical effect in a small room. You can use it on the ceiling and the walls of a room to create a sense of continuity.

Start with a subtle palette of classic whites, neutral tans and greys, and keep the bolder colors to accent walls. For example, rich blue can emulate regality, while green hues reflect natural light, making your space appear cozy and airy. The combination of neutrals and bold pops of colour lend a soft and clean touch to your home, and makes it feel clean and fresh. In fact a lighter colour of rug and carpet can make a world of difference if the walls have a dark and strong color. Use dark colours for the furniture and that too minimal. Painting the wall trims and moldings with lighter colors can make the space feel more free and airy.

4. Smart Furniture

With the consistent development in home decor, multi-functional furniture is the smart way to go. Use a dining table, for example, which can also act as a study table or can be folded back along the wall. Likewise, folding chairs, flip-flop tables can do wonders to enhance the available space.

Similarly the bed can also be a foldable one. In a small home, the furniture is all about proportions. Furniture which is lower to the ground creates a sense of more roominess. Buy furniture which are high raised or have a visible and sturdy leg.

While choosing light and flexible furniture ensure that it has a storage cabinet within itself. That way you will have a place to store items like old clothes, CD’s, books etc.

Apart from that multi-functional or wall mounted furniture can make your 1 BHK interiors seem spacious and uncluttered. There are several sleek and elegant collapsible furniture options, such as a sofa cum bed that you can roll out only when you need it. You can install a Murphy bed in your bedroom, and a full-length shelf with a movable ladder. Invest in a foldable dining table that can be laid-out only when you’re sitting down for meals. This will save you a lot of space.


5. Efficient Storage Space

A cluttered home will definitely look congested, big or small. Clearly, a small space does not provide the luxury of having a range of storage facilities. But you may use the available space to its maximum. Use individual storage boxes in the bathroom for grooming and cleaning supplies separately for easy maintenance. Your furniture like the sofa or the center table can have additional space below it. The same goes with the bed. The kitchen cabinets could pull out into levels of storage thereby providing more space for the utensils and the kitchen cleaning supplies. Build cabinets on top of the fridge, under the washbasin or under a sink for easy maintenance.



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You may install a slim TV unit that offers options to stow away your letters, documents and CD collection. The horizontal surfaces can also be used to display decor or your book collection.

These tiny house storage hacks work well to give a bigger look for your 1 BHK.


6. Designs mistakes to look out for

Do not get swing doors, instead have sliding doors and you will instantly notice a change in the floor space that is available

Avoid free standing storage

These above-said handy décor tips will surely guide you to in reinventing the look of your 1 BHK. Get going now.