Life 360 – Step into a complete living at 2BKH in Rahatani

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 19th February, 2020

2BKH in Rahatani

Life 360 – Step into a complete living at 2BKH in Rahatani

Are you looking for a place to live where you can get all the contemporary comfort and which does not require you to move to one of the metropolitan cities of India, which is generally filled with stress and pollution? If you want to breathe in a pollution-free environment where you can experience all the modern facilities, then flats of 2BKH in Rahatani at life 360 projects are the best for you. The place is absolutely free from the hassle filled environment and provides you with all the modern luxuries and necessities of life. Rahatani is just 4.3 miles away from the IT hub of Hinjawadi and is quite near to the airport of the city. It has an excellent connection with the rest of the town. The reason why you should consider buying a 2BKH flat in Rahatani are-

Reasonable Priced apartments

The 2 BKH flats in Rahatani are available at a reasonable price, which is relatively affordable than any other place in the city. Furthermore, the financing facilities from the renowned financial institutions are also available for your convenience. As a result, you can buy your own dream home quickly.

A safe and protected place to live

The site is constructed with the RCC frame technology, which is known for providing safety against earthquakes. Moreover, the area is entirely surveillance under the CCTV coverage, which offers you 24/7 security.

A good option for a safe investment

The 2BKH flats in Rahatani are also a good investment option as the price are continuously increasing and are estimated to rise even more shortly. Since Rahatani is near to the IT hub of the city. The property can also be used for earning rental income as many professionals and students are looking for rental flats in this locality of the town.

Excellent layout of the flats.

The 2BKH flats in Rahatani are uniquely designed in such a way that they add more beauty to the interior of the house. Each apartment is wide and spacious. From the kitchen to the bedroom, the entire place is made to win your heart in just one look. Apart from the beautiful interior, the life 360 project also has a fantastic garden that is filled with a lot and a lot of plants and greenery to provide you with a new and positive environment. Furthermore, it has clubs, a gym, a place for kids to play, and much more to offer.