Buying a Property with Namrata Group – Benefits, Reasons & More

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 19th January, 2021

Pune is a buzzing real estate hotspot. In the last few decades, there has been tremendous growth in residential and commercial property in Pune. An emerging IT hub and educational center, Pune is witnessing steep demand for residential and commercial property in Pune and boasts of the best real estate developers launching their projects in the city from luxury to affordable housing, you get it all here.

Why is a good developer critical to your home buying decision?

Choosing the right builder for your dream home is an extremely critical step. The builder you opt for will be responsible for your dream abode and all that it has to offer. There is no dearth of developers in Pune, but who is the most reliable of them all? It is critical to do a thorough market study to find the best developer who will provide the best quality in terms of the quality of material used, architecture, and service. Since your life’s savings will go into your real estate purchase, so you must compare, analyze and choose a builder who is the best amongst his competitors and is offering what suits your needs.

To ease the process, if you wish to buy flats in Pune, there is a developer who would fulfill all the criteria of the developer you would wish to invest your money into. Let us discuss today one of the top builders in Pune, Namrata Group.

Why Namrata Group?

Namrata Community

Namrata Group is a well-known developer of Pune. Under the able guidance & leadership of Mr. Deepak Shah and Mr. Shailesh Shah, the group has been exploring new horizons in the last 30 years. The group boasts of 8000 happy customers. The group offerings include residential, commercial projects, and plots.

The group has a prominent presence in Talegaon; in fact, Namrata Group is the flag bearer of real estate development in the Talegaon area. Namrata Group has launched various projects in Talegaon, Hinjewadi, Tathwade, Kamshet, Baner. The housing options range from affordable to premium. The projects offer best-in-class amenities. In keeping with their promise of quality, the projects have been constructed with standard material and optimum space utilization. Namrata Group promises you a life of comfort, style, and luxury.

As a responsible developer, Namrata Group has launched quite a few projects in the green development sector too. Namrata Group epitomizes passion at work, in totality. The developer aims at creating a world-class quality product and workmanship. The group endeavors to be transparent in all their dealings and adherence to delivery on time, each time.

The company aims to believe in the philosophy that there are no short-cuts to quality. At Namrata Group, there is a continuous drive for benchmark quality, customer-centric approach, in-house research, uncompromising business ethics, timeless values and transparency in all spheres of business ethics, timeless values and transparency in all spheres of business conduct. Namrata Group has become a favorite amongst real estate buyers in Pune.

Let us run through a few pointers to understand why Namrata has an upper hand over others.

Reasons to Invest with Namrata Group

  • Experience of the builder

The experience of Namrata Group in the Pune real estate scene says a lot about the efficiency of the group. With over 30 years of experience in the market, it has consistently performed throughout the period alongside both quality and service.

  • Success rate

success rate

Namrata Group has a happy family of 8000 members. Besides, the number of homes built and occupied is a direct reflection of the scale of operation, reliability, quality, and workmanship of the builder.

  • Number of ongoing projects

With multiple ongoing projects from the builder, it only goes on to show that the builder is reliable and has sufficient funding and experience in the field, making them a good option to opt for.

  • Testimonials of the existing customers

Namrata Group can conveniently count on the testimonials and feedback from its customers.

  • A well-coordinated team

Namrata Group has a well-coordinated team of professionals who will be able to give complete, truthful, and wholesome information to you on the varied queries that you may have.

  • Documents and licenses

You may rest assured that their projects have all documents and legalities done. All certifications from local and reputed organizations will be in place.

  • Project approvals by banks

Namrata Group has a tie-up with banks for offering home loans and other services. Projects approved by banks, especially Nationalised banks like SBI are more reliable than others.

  • Diverse Projects

Namrata Group has a portfolio of diverse projects, in terms of aesthetics and architecture. Their creations are comparable to global standards.

  • Quality of workmanship

With Namrata Group you can be assured of the quality of the material used in construction.

  • Delivery

You may rely on the Namrata group for the timely delivery of their projects. Their team maintains time schedules and is constantly keeping a check on the quality and progress of work. There is transparency in the work schedule, and the buyer has access to quality checking guidelines, regular updates on the progress of the construction of their homes, etc. A builder who has an elaborate checking process and adheres to it will provide you with the best quality homes.

  • Service and post-care

It is not just important to provide a well-planned home but also provide good post-possession services.


By not researching your chosen builder, you risk ending up with an inferior end product. Shoddy construction work can be unsightly as well as dangerous. Plus, fixing a project gone wrong can be even more expensive than the original renovations. With such a legacy of real estate projects, if you wish to invest in Pune, Namrata Group is one developer you can bank on for timely delivery and quality construction.  Book your home now.