About Talegaon Dabhade

Talegaon: An Economical Residential Destination in Pune

Have you ever wondered why and how Talegaon got its name? It is because Talegaon is surrounded by several lakes and hence the name ‘Talegaon’ which when literally translated means; ‘lake town’. However, that is not the only reason why Talegaon is an amazing town.

Embedded between lush and marvelous natural beauty, Talegaon Dabhade is located in the middle of three cities- Nashik, Pune, and Mumbai. Now the town’s proximity to these cities makes it one of the most offbeat travel destinations. Kund Mala Waterfalls, Birla Ganapati Temple, Japalouppe Equestrian Centre, Induri fort, and Prati Shri Sai Baba Temple are some of the most attractive and tranquil tourist attractions spots. Furthermore being located 2200 feet above sea enables this town to offer pure and fresh air in alignment with the pleasant weather throughout the year making this town an ideal spot to either spend your vacation or take a weekend trip in Talegaon.

Connectivity & Social Infrastructure

Amidst all of its very distinctive features, the reason behind the recent popularity of Talegaon is not just attributed to its distinctive features but also due to the emerging real estate market at Talegaon Dhabade. Talegaon connectivity with NH 4 brings office hubs like Hinjewadi and Baner close to it and thus providing an excellent quality of life whilst having the abundant presence of social infrastructure (hospitals, colleges, schools, banks) and medical care. Other development drivers of Talegaon are the industrial belt of Chakan; at a distance of nearly 20 km from the town and the numerous multinational companies and engineering companies which has attracted many migrant populations to settle down here.

Talegaon Real Estate Market & Trends

The saturation of the residential market in nearby places like Hinjewadi, Banner, and other areas has boosted Talegoan’s market enabling top-tier real estate developers to conceptualize both residential and commercial projects. Benefitting from its unique location and proximity to cities like Mumbai, Pune, and Nasik, property seekers from these cities can yield great value for money by investing in property or flats for sale in Talegaon Dabhade.

Another reason why investors from Mumbai, Pune, and Nasik are attracted to buying homes and properties in Talegaon is that it fits into the needs of all category buyers; luxury, affordable, and mid-segment homebuyers. Because of the same, any individual be it self-employed or salaried one can always find a property of his or her choice at their preferred budget.

Our Property Options in Talegaon

The 4-decade long history of building and constructing buildings, Namrata Group continuously strives to bring quality and contemporary living. This endeavor has enabled build homes that reflect a novel architecture, state-of-the-art amenities, and impressive designs.  Ecocity 2.0, Aikonic, Slim Tower, Happycity Jijimata, Happycity Varale, Shrinagri, Ecoshoppy, Spot One are some of our presently available residential and commercial projects and many upcoming housing projects in Talegaon and Pune are also lined-up. We offer 1RK, 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3BHK homes with rich and modern specifications.

Excellent climate

Talegaon is blessed with a pleasant climate round the year and boasts of picture perfect natural surroundings. This picturesque place is located at 2200 ft above sea level. The town is higher in altitude than Lonavala (2047 ft.), and is blessed with pleasant weather throughout year.

Talegaon News
  • GWM To Invest $1 Billion In India In A Phased Manner; Signs MoU With Maharashtra Government

    Great Wall Motors today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Maharashtra government, to invest in the state-of-the-art automotive manufacturing facility in Talegaon. The MOU was signed in the presence of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Uddhav Thackeray, and Sun Weidong, Chinese Ambassador to India. The company will invest $1 billion in the Talegaon plant in a phased manner and the facility will be equipped with the latest technology. The production plant along with the R&D center in Bengaluru will generate employment for over 3000 people in a phased manner. The investment will go into upgrading the current plant in Talegaon which is currently fully functional and has all the infrastructure in place.

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  • समृद्ध जीवनशैलीचं ठिकाण म्हणजे 'तळेगाव'

    पुणे आणि मुंबई या महत्त्वाच्या शहरांना तळेगाव चांगल्यारीतीने जोडलेलं आहे. दख्खनच्या पठारामध्ये वसलेलं आणि लोणावळ्यापेक्षाही जास्त म्हणजे 300 फूट उंचीवर असल्यामुळे तळेगावातलं वातावरण वर्षभर थंड आणि शांत आहे. त्यामुळे वीकेण्ड घालवण्यासाठी तळेगाव एक आदर्श ठिकाण आहे. याशिवाय, तळेगाव आणि त्याच्या आसपासच्या परिसरातला वाढता औद्योगिक पसारा पाहता रोजगारांच्या असंख्य संधी तिथे निर्माण होताना दिसत आहेत.याठिकाणी मोटार्स, फोक्‍सवॅगन, जेसीबी यासारख्या मोठ्या कंपन्या आधीच स्थिरावल्या आहेत. तळेगावपासून अगदी हाकेच्या अंतरावर असलेल्या चाकणमध्ये औद्योगिक विकास झाल्यामुळे देशभरातला तरुणवर्ग रोजगारासाठी तिथे येत आहे.

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  • Work-from-home culture to boost Talegaon's real estate market

    With the work-from-home culture likely to become a norm for many professionals following the Coronavirus pandemic, real estate destinations like Talegaon, which offer large and affordable spaces, to live and to work, are likely to benefit.

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  • What makes Talegaon perfect for senior living post-COVID-19?

    Experts believe that the demand for senior living in locations like Talegaon will gradually increase, because metros are getting more and more congested, while senior citizens require a good environment for their health. Read More

  • तळेगावमध्ये २५० एकरवर अद्ययावत इलेक्ट्रॉनिक पार्क

    महाराष्ट्र औद्योगिक विकास महामंडळाच्या (एमआयडीसी) 58 व्या वर्धापनदिनाचे औचित्य साधून एमआयडीसीतील अधिकारी-कर्मचाऱ्यांच्या ग्रॅज्युएटीची (उपदान) मर्यादा दहा लाखांहून 14 लाख करण्यात आली. तसेच पुणे जिल्ह्यातील तळेगाव येथे 250 एकरावर स्वयंपूर्ण असे पार्क सुरू केले जाणार आहे अशा दोन महत्त्वाच्या घोषणा महामंडळाचे अध्यक्ष तथा उद्योगमंत्री सुभाष देसाई यांनी केल्या. Read More