Best Weekend Tourist Spots in and around Talegaon Dabhade, Pune

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 01st June, 2021

Nothing excites more than exploring a place that has fabulous weather throughout the year, gives a serene and scenic view along with cosmopolitan life. Pune is a beautiful city in India, which provides ample opportunities and activities, be it related to work, travel, or leisure. There are many attractive destinations in and around the city which are worth visiting whenever you feel to escape the hustle and bustle of your daily life.

Having said that Talegaon is one of the lesser-known towns in Pune. Being well connected with all the central suburbs of the city, embedded between lush green mountains, lakes, and waterfalls makes Talegaon the most ideal escape. It is one place that is accessible through all the major transport links that make commuting quick and easy. The area around Talegaon Dabhade provides abundant tourist options by giving insight into the rich heritage and culture. Read further to know the places that you visit in and around Talegaon.

Top Places to Visit in & around Talegaon Dabhade

1. Induri Fort

induri fort, talegaon dabhade

It is a small fort constructed in the early 1700s by Sarsenapati Sardar Khanderao Dabhade. The fort is in ruins and covered with thick bushes, but it is still an excellent place to visit. Constructed on the banks of the Indrayani river; the fort gives a very picturesque scene.

Timings: Morning 06:00-10:00 hours & Evenings are usually busy

Tips for Travelers:

  • People usually spend 15-45 minutes here
  • Has peaceful environment and travelers can have authentic Maharashtrian food at the local food joints

Best for: Children and Adults

2. Ghoradeshwar Cave Temple

ghoradeshwar cave temple, talegaon dabhade pune

Ghoradeshwar cave temple is the Buddhist cave and has carvings and statues of Buddhist and Hindu deities carved around the 3rd century A.D. These caves are situated on a hilltop and are faced westward. They look beautiful when lit up in the evening. It also provides a good view of the Expressway. The trek up to the caves is not very tiring.

Timings: Morning 06:00-10:00 hours

Tips for Travelers:

  • People usually spend 15-45 minutes here
  • A very popular trekking area
  • This spot has no food joints hence, one should either carry refreshments or have it on the way

Best for: Adults

3. Bhandar Dongar

It is one of the hidden gems of the area, which is less explored by the visitors. The place is famously known for Saint Tukaram Maharaj. A temple is also being built in the same vicinity. It is an ideal spot to enjoy with loved ones as the view in front of the eyes is breathtaking.

Timings: Morning 06:00-10:00 hours

Tips for Travelers:

  • People usually spend 15-45 minutes here
  • A very local  trekking area
  • This spot has other attractions like Induri Fort within close proximity. Hence, plan your visit accordingly so one can visit all the places in a day

Best for: Adults and kids

4. Mahadaji Sindhia Statue Garden

mahadaji sindhia statue garden, talegaon dabhade

Sindhia Hill in Wadgaon village holds the statue of Mahadaji Sindhia. The historic place is famous, where the Maratha army won a battle against the British army before the year 1857 revolt. At that time, Mahadaji was the leader of the Maratha army. A brief description of the war and a “Vijay Stambha” (Tower of Victory) and a small garden around the statue are built lately. It is a lovely family hangout place.

Timings: Morning 09:00-10:00 hours

Tips for Travelers:

  • People usually spend 1 hour here
  • The busiest days at Mahadaji Sindhia Statute are Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • Local transport and private transport can be used to get to this temple

Best for: People of all age group

5. Japalouppe Equestrian Centre

This equestrian center is a treasure of heavenly delight for kids and adults alike with its fascinating wildlife. Horses, donkeys, monkeys, mules, goats, sheep, turtles, dog parrots, rabbits, hare, a piglet, love birds, turkeys, roosters, emus, ducks, geese… you name it, and you would find it there!  The place is really fun, especially for the kids. There is a Machan or observation deck around the equestrian area and also a ladder to let kids and grownups climb a tree.

Timings: Morning 09:00-10:00 hours

Tips for Travelers:

  • People usually spend 2-3 hours here
  • The busiest day is Saturday

Best for: Adults and Kids

6. Kund Mala Falls

Kund Mala waterfall is not very far off from the old Mumbai-Pune Highway. It’s a mind-blowing view. Talegaon Dabhade is developed close to the Indrayani River, cascading into rocky gorges. One can also visit a small temple constructed on one of the enormous boulders overlooking the waterfall. From the bridge, fantastic views of the waterfall are captured. The place is mostly secluded, quiet, and serene. An ideal picnic spot near a waterfall.

Timings: Morning 06:00-10:00hours (08:00 are usually busy)

Tips for Travelers:

  • This place is always open
  • Avoid going here during monsoon

Best for: People of all age group

7. Birla Ganapati and Shirgaon Sai Baba Temple

birla ganapati

Birla Ganapati, this majestic Ganesh statue is 54 ft in height and is placed on an 18 ft high platform. The area around it is well maintained, clean, and beautiful. If you are a devotee, then this should top your sightseeing list.

Near the Talegaon Pune highway is the small village of Shirgaon. Here you will find a replica of the Shirdi Sai Baba temple. It is known as the Pratishirdi Sai Baba Mandir and is a must-visit if you are a follower of Sai Baba.

Timings: Morning 07:00-10:00 hours

Tips for Travelers:

  •  People usually spend more than 1 minutes here
  • Can visit any time of the year
  • Local transport and private transport can be used to get to this temple

Best for: People of all age group

How to Reach Talegaon Dabhade from Pune and Mumbai?

As Talegaon is much closer to Pune the time taken to reach here is less compared to when traveling from Mumbai. Hiring a cab or driving self (owned) cars or vehicles is one easiest way of reaching Talegaon. The minimum time taken to reach here in a cab, taxi or car or even motorbikes from Pune is 1 and half hours.

Another mode of reaching this town is by train. Between Pune to Talegaon Dabhade, there are 9 trains and a distance of 34 km has to be covered to reach the town.  The train that takes the least time to reach Talegaon from Pune is Sahyadri Express which starts at 07:00 hours and reaches the destination by 08:14 hours. Those wishing to travel can book train tickets from the official IRTC site or through any other travel apps.

Reaching Talegaon from Mumbai:

By Road: Approx time taken in the car is 2 and half hours. One can either rent or drive a self car. Another way is to reach Pune by train and then rent a car. Traveling via this mode should at least take 4 and half hours.  However, this medium is only applicable for those who want to either stay in Pune or have some other business to attend. Traveling by road from Mumbai is the easiest way to reach Talegaon


Talegaon Dabhade is definitely a small town. But its location benefit has been attracting investors from around the country. Hence, we are assured that soon in years to come, Talegaon will be booming with development in all aspects. Considering this growth and the city’s tranquil and pleasant surroundings we are sure that anyone can unwind their stress and enjoy a peaceful vacation (even if it is short-lived).