7 organisational hacks for a small apartment
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  • 27th November, 2018


7 organisational hacks for a small apartment

Having a home is a big deal, no matter where you live. All your hard earned money and struggles in life have lead you to this point where you can finally buy a place and call it your own. When you are looking at homes, you may realise that smaller homes tend to have lesser space for you to put all your stuff in. This is why, you need to take a look at these 7 organisational hacks for a small apartment:

1. If you have a small bathroom, do not use corner stands to put all your toiletries. Get some good old jute baskets and put towels, soaps and shampoos in there, just an arm’s distance away and it looks better as well!

2. Did you know that magazine holders make for amazing kitchen racks? Put in food cans or bottles of dips and sauces, all in these racks.

3. If you are someone who has lots of tea bags, sugar and ketchup sachets and other candies scattered all around the house, this one’s for you. All you need are some vertical fridge storage trays for each item, put them in a box or drawer and you are sorted.

4. Use the vertical spaces that your kitchen has to offer by putting vertical magazine files in these spaces. Use them to store paper plates, tissue paper, cups, etc and you will be able to find them easily when you need them.

5. Use the empty space inside your kitchen cabinet to organise your pots and pans. All you need to do is get a towel bar/holder and some hooks. Use these hooks to hang the pots.

6. If your bedroom has oddly shaped corners, use shelves to make the most of that space. Decorate it with books, plants or framed pictures.

7. In order to make your bedroom more functional, just add a small, vertical desk at the end of the bed to put all your papers or laptop when you need to relax or sleep.

Use these hacks wisely for a home that will never feel cluttered.

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