Here Is A List of Facilities To Consider While Buying A New Home

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 28th December, 2020

Buying a home is one of the most expensive purchases we make in our lifetime and it is extremely emotional & meaningful. This whole buying process is quite complex beginning from putting down your precious cash savings, getting pre-approval from the bank, finding your perfect abode or the best real estate agent in town to get you one. In this process we often forget to list down the amenities out that flats must possess.


Importance of Amenities


City life can be an absolutely lonely. People from small towns and villages come to work in big cities and a good number of people from smaller towns are used to living in homes (big or small) that have a lawn, a veranda, a compound filled with greenery, in short—open spaces. Besides, they leave behind their friends and relatives. In this scenario, amenities such as multipurpose halls and parks make for excellent areas to meet new people and socialise within the community. The modern home buyer goes by the principle of– Live, Work and Play.

Amenities and open spaces serve the purpose for also solve the problem of engaging different demographics differently. While kids can use the play areas, elders can take a walk in the park to catch some fresh air. Youngsters and professionals have swimming pools and gymnasiums to put good use to their time. There is something for everyone. Whether you search for your abode on your own or through some agent, one of the best things you may do is to have a handy list of specific amenities and features that your future home must have.

Today we shall run through the top 10 most important amenities that are a must have in any project and must be ticked off whatever be the home style.


Top 10 Sought-After Amenities in an Apartment


  1. Location

Location is the primary concern whenever you decide to buy a house. Good social infrastructure, roads, connectivity, availability of public transport, schools, hospitals etc are some of the key factors before you must zero-in on a project.


  1. Fresh Air/ Privacy

You must look for an apartment where there are no common walls. This means that there won’t be neighbours houses obstructing the free flow of air into your home. Absence of common walls also offers you greater privacy.


  1. Power back up

Power cuts and disruptions are a common feature in metros and if you have chosen an apartment on the higher floors, they can be a huge pain in day-to-day living. Elderly people will find it extremely difficult to negotiate the stairs every time there is a power failure. Having a power backup in common areas and especially lift is very critical. So before choosing an apartment, pay attention to this aspect.



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  1. Parking

Covered parking is very important issue while choosing an apartment. You may also check for availability of additional parking and its cost if you have more than one car in the family. It is risky to park your car in unprotected areas outside the apartment and if you do it will leave you restless through the night


  1. Security

Apartment living is quite different & distinct from traditional independent houses or row houses. A safe neighbourhood is a very important feature that people consider while buying a property. The main entrance to your apartment remains closed all the time there are security personnel regulating the movement of people into and out of the apartment complex on a 24×7 basis. Without this, your life and property could be at risk.

People consider security features like alarms, fences, deadbolt locks, CCTV cameras and security guards, when buying a home. In today’s age, with many families having both parents working and children staying alone at home it is extremely crucial.


  1. Play area for kids

You cannot keep children clocked inside the house for long hours. Free movement and physical activity is critical for their comprehensive growth. So a designated play area for children is a must. Unless the apartment you choose is exclusively meant for senior citizens, this is an important aspect you should consider while examining your apartment. Modern house plans these days mostly include sand pit, swings and other stuff for toddlers.


  1. Balconies

Balconies have extensive use for activities like washing clothes, vessels, drying clothes, growing plants and creating some minimum greenery and even relaxing during the evenings. Larger balconies are always desirable.



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  1. Power transformer

Your apartment should have an independent power transformer to ensure that the heavy load consumed by the apartment complex does not go to a common transformer at the street corner. In most cities the electricity board insists on this before providing power connection to the apartment complex. But, it helps to check out and confirm.


  1. Gymnasium/Sports Facilities/ Clubhouse

Fitness is essential and in a time-constrained world home owners will find a gymnasium within the premises very useful. Nowadays, almost every project has a gymnasium as a standard requirement. Some form of physical exercise is fast becoming a norm for most people. The work place stress is compounded by the maddening traffic conditions which are only getting worse by the day.

Swimming Pool is another facility that people look forward to. It is a common but essential amenity and stands for both leisure and exercise. Applying for specifically built swimming pools in cities is a costly affair plus it involves travel time. A pool at home is a delight for many.

A married couple with young kids would also like amenities and sports options for their children in a gated community. In fact many modern apartments have a dedicated work out space for elders such as a meditation room. Earlier, people made enquiries on the size of the flat and configuration but now people ask about club house in the building and parks where their children can play.

The Clubhouse is one place buzzing with action. It may have a multi-purpose hall, a restaurant, barbecue, etc. A clubhouse within the premises of the property will ensure the need for parties, celebrations and family functions is taken care of. This also helps in building the community spirit and a lot of time, effort and money is saved when arranging any event. Club house is another place for meetings related to community and its members.


  1.  Water Supply

Adequate supply of water in modern homes is another huge concern. Erratic supply of water can really be a pain in the neck. Search for houses that have underground/ overhead tanks or facility for additional storage of water.




Hectic work schedules have led to escalating stress levels, and congested traffic situations, increasing pollution levels; all these make for a very stress filled and chaotic life. Home buyers look forward to stay in a setting that calms their minds and eases these stress levels – properties with open spaces and required amenities provide the perfect solution. So when you are searching for your abode, keep the above list handy for reference.