How to choose your furniture for the small apartment?

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  • 02nd March, 2018

The choice of furniture matters a lot, especially if you opt for a compact home.

Finally, you have got the right size apartment for your small, nuclear family. The rooms are airy, there is ample sunlight and everything is quite close by. But then you are afraid that if you try to fit in some furniture in the house, the rooms would shrink a bit! Well, they won’t, if you choose the right furniture.

Use fitted wardrobes

A cupboard occupies lot of space in your bedroom. Go for fitted or wall mounted wardrobes instead.

Get some convertible furniture

  • Convertible furniture can be an excellent space saver!
  • Multipurpose furniture just serves the purpose. So, go ahead, try the folding bed.
  • A convertible dining table is as handy. Unfold it only when you invite some guests!
  • A convertible dining table will let you convert your dining room in a drawing room too!
  • Use small, comfortable chairs for your hall. A small, yet decorative tea poi can make your drawing room look attractive.

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Less is more!

  • Minimum furniture enhances the sense of space.
  • It also means freedom of movement.
  • So, get rid of that crammed up, claustrophobic feeling bulky, large furniture brings in.


Furnitures For Small Apartment


Use light coloured furnishings and tapestry

  • Light, pastel coloured cushion covers, curtains and carpets etc. would make your rooms appear bigger.
  • Besides, they would brighten up the space.

     Bring in that bean bag!

  • Along with saving the space, a bean bag would add to that comfort, cozy feel.
  • A bean bag is the best stress buster and could prevent headaches.

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Save space. Save money.

  •  Last, but by no means the least:
  • Small sized, economic furniture would also let you save a lot of money.

You can keep all of it aside and plan a nice vacation at your favourite hill station.


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