Here are the best commercial schemes in Talegaon.

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  • 21st May, 2019

Commercial Schemes

Here are the best commercial schemes in Talegaon.

If you want to invest in Talegaon it is an excellent time to opt for commercial schemes. With the market geared up for bright prospects, you are sure to get rewarding returns. In addition, Talegaon as a prosperous manufacturing hub and a well-developed suburb of Pune, has its own benefits so all in all, it is a win-win situation for you.

Why invest in commercial schemes?

Commercial schemes give you consistent returns on investment over a longer period. Assured rent is the strongest benefit of commercial schemes. Prime location such as Talegaon fetches still more. Commercial schemes have longer leasing period. Plus you do not have to worry about maintenance since it is taken care of by the tenant. So do not hesitate to invest in commercial schemes.

Best commercial schemes in Talegaon

Talegaon has been the hot favourite of renowned IT/ITES stalwarts, national and multinational brands and manufacturing giants. So other small and large company owners too are eyeing Talegaon commercial schemes with keen interest. This is a golden opportunity for you as an investor. Namrata Group has two commercial schemes in Talegaon, namely Eco-Shopy and Center One.

Eco-Shopy by Namrata Group has total 45 smart commercial spaces of 219 square feet each. It boasts of the ready customer base of over 1000 families in Ecocity project and around 1500 families residing in the area. Namrata Centre One right in the centre of the town has intelligently designed, business savvy work spaces with state-of-the-art amenities.

Invest in one of these commercial schemes in Talegaon and ensure your place under the sun.


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