5 Reasons why Talegaon Builders are making Projects In and Around Pune
  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 21st October, 2018

Pune has seen a huge spurt of new properties and residential projects. This is a result of the migrating population, infrastructure development, excellent education and the availability of job opportunities. Developers like the Namrata Group are developing flats in Talegaon for people who migrate to Pune for work and need a place to stay in this beautiful city.

Talegaon Builders

Steadily Growing Real Estate Market

The real estate market of Pune is quite balanced and growing at a steady rate. It is a profitable market for sellers and buyers alike. Thus, more and more Talegaon builders are constructing new properties in and around Pune in order to take advantage of this growing market.

High Demand

Many young people are migrating in large numbers to Pune and Talegaon. Being this close to Mumbai, both places offer a great city life without the stress, fatigue and high cost. This wonderful combination is attracting a lot of people to set their roots in Pune. Thus, there is a huge demand for affordable housing projects in the city and its suburbs. New properties are hence being built to meet this demand by Talegaon builders.


Pune and its outskirts have seen a huge development in its infrastructure. The government is spending funds towards the city’s development. The Pune Metro is one such example. There are also talks about a new airport being constructed. Work on improving Pune’s transport and traffic systems has also begun. Pune has also seen growth in terms of companies setting up their base in the city, establishment of big malls and prominent hotels opening up here. It is developing in every aspect which in turn boosts the real estate growth as well.

Emerging IT Sector

A major reason for the growing interest of Talegaon builders in areas in and around Pune is the emerging IT sector. Pune has huge IT companies like Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro, Accenture, IBM, Barclay’s and many more. These companies provide lucrative job opportunities and have also given an impetus to the development of the suburbs of Pune.

Developing Outskirts

New properties in the city of Pune are not just pertinent to the heart of the city. Apart from the phenomenal growth of Talegaon, other Pune outskirts and suburbs like Balewadi, Tathawade, Hinjewadi, Rahatni, etc have also seen a rise in new projects. Houses in these areas are quite popular since they are close to the city but at a comparatively lower cost. They also provide great work-life balance. This demand has helped extend Pune’s boundaries and led to a huge overall growth of the entire city.

Pune is being noticed by a lot of Talegaon builders due to these and many other reasons. Life in Pune is fulfilling and has a promising future. So if you are looking to invest in a home or wish to settle down, then you should check out the new properties in and around Pune.

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