Trace the growth of Tathawade in under 3 minutes.

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 16th July, 2019

Growth of Tathawade

Trace the growth of Tathawade in under 3 minutes.

The growth of Tathawade has taken everyone by surprise. From a developing locality of Pune to a full fledged developed and safe area for families, Tathawade has come a long way. If you keep an eye on this growth of Tathawade, you will realize that it is a good idea to invest in residential properties here in Tathawade. Trace the growth of Tathawade for yourself in under 3 minutes here:

The Secure Neighbourhood

Tathawade is surrounded by various secure locations like Pimple Saudagar, Wakad, Rahatani, Hinjewadi, etc and these areas are all perfect for families and are safe, at any time of the day. If you live in one of the residential places in Tathawade, you will never have to worry about being safe.

Major Connectivity

 Located at the center of the town, Tathawade offers very good connectivity. Here, you will never have to worry about public transport and will have to never worry about people reaching your house as it is in the main map of the city in a prominent way.

Premium Properties

One of the biggest achievements that one can witness when tracing the growth of Tathawade is that you can see the properties that are developed in this locality are all premium ones. Here, projects like 7 Plumeria Drive, jointly developed by Namrata Group and Bhandari Associates, offer you premium luxury homes that are spacious, classy and comfortable. It is indeed an upgrade in your lifestyle.

Proximity to Necessities

Tathawade is one location where you will find it all from schools, colleges and recreational activities to hospitals, medical stores, restaurants, cafes, etc everything is located at a very short distance from the residential properties in Tathawade.

Invest in a home that will give you a better lifestyle, a better tomorrow and this is only possible at the premium homes of Tathawade. Don’t just trace the growth of Tathawade, be a part of it!


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