This is what makes our HappyCity!

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  • 15th October, 2018

Our HappyCity

This is what makes our HappyCity!

HappyCity is built keeping in mind a happy home for you. Located in Talegaon, this project is perfect for people living in Mumbai as well as Pune. In the last few years, Talegaon has witnessed massive development and growth. One of the things that has contributed to this growth is the real estate sector at Talegaon. HappyCity is all set to be the first of its kind here, that is why you need to know what makes HappyCity. Here are the three pillars on which it stands:

Ideas for Happy Living

Happiness is a choice. In order to have a happy home, you need to pick a home that makes you and your family happy. The idea is to give ample space, enough ventilation and the benefit of a prime location to everyone who lives here. All of this is to be given in a way that it does not exceed the budget that one is working with. This is only possible at HappyCity. Simple living means happy living and we support that. The amenities promote a healthy, stress free life and what better place to experience this joy if not between lush green trees and mountains?

Real Experience of Happy Living

It so happens that in everyday life, we tend to miss out on actual, important moments of joy. In order to experience these happy moments, one has to be home. However, this is not possible as our lives are busy and demand a lot from us. If anything can make this happen, it is a happy home. Located close to schools, colleges, offices and other recreational centres, HappyCity gives you the chance to spend more time living in the [present moment and less time commuting or being stuck in traffic. It truly gives one the real experience of Happy Living.

Focused Action for Happy Living

It takes a team to make something as joyous and freedom giving as HappyCity. These homes are constructed by thinking and rethinking every single detail till perfection. Well thought out homes, built on the idea of pleasure, prestige and progress are designed just for you. These homes are spacious, have great ventilation and are thoughtfully designed in order to utilize all the space that is offered. This way, the focus is on your happy living.

This is what makes our HappyCity!

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