Talegaon – Past to Present

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  • 19th October, 2018

Past to Present

Talegaon – Past to Present

Royal history

From past to present, Talegaon has been a success story all along. Talegaon is situated in Mawal Taluka, Pune District. Talegaon also has a historic lineage to its name. It is said that, it’s named after the famous Dabhade clan of Maharashtra. The Sardar Dabhade family had donated land for the construction of Talegaon Railway Station to the British Government. A couple of decades ago it was quite a desolated area. It has witnessed gradual urbanization in the last 15 – 20 years, which has changed the way it is perceived today.

Favorable location

Talegaon is an upcoming town that is one of the most preferred destinations for real estate properties. The town is positioned between two of the most prominent cities of the country, Pune and Mumbai. It is barely 35 km from Pune and 120 km from Mumbai. It is situated on a high altitude giving it a pleasant weather all through the year parallel to a hill station. This is one of the reasons for the growth that Talegaon has witnessed from past to present.

Growing industrial base

Talegaon has surely come a long way from being a village to becoming an industrial hub. Numerous multinational companies as well as agro-based units are located here. The Poultry-belt which is the largest in Asia is also situated in Talegaon. This is a glimpse of the growth of Talegaon from past to present.


Talegaon is well connected by rail to Pune Railway Station and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus. The central government has, in principle, approved Rs.1800 crore for the road widening work of Talegaon-Chakan-Shikrapur-Navara-Chaufula chowk road. The roads will be restructured into a six-lane path from Talegaon to Chakan.

There is excellent road connectivity too. Major towns of the state are connected to Talegaon by state and national highways. Talegaon is merely a couple of hours drive through the Bor ghat along the Mumbai Pune Expressway. Roads connecting to Pune, Mumbai, Chakan are restructured to four-lane highways. Direct buses to Talegaon run from Mumbai, Pune, Chakan, etc. Buses from Talegaon to Nigdi can too be easily accessed. All these factors have contributed to the growth of Talegaon, from past to present.

Due to all these reasons Talegaon has seen a substantial growth in residential projects. Namrata Group has its premium residential Projects like ‘HappyCity’, ‘Ecocity 2.0′, ‘Aikonic’ and ‘Slim Tower’ in Talegaon. Visit soon and take advantage of this beautiful location.

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