These are the new Pune Talegaon Projects

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  • 25th August, 2018

These are the new Pune Talegaon Projects

Pune Talegaon Projects

Talegaon – The Fresh Land

Sprawled wide across in greens, embedded with fresh water bodies and a nourishing breeze is the satellite city of Talegaon. Untouched by pollution, Talegaon is intact in its mint state and will be for the years to come. Where the entire city is looking for a space to breathe and play, Talegaon has its own advantages and plus points. Such aspects make Talegaon an ideal place to live a life in harmony with the nature and urban lifestyle.

 Significance of Talegaon

Eyeing the freshness, Talegaon has become quite a favorite place amidst new builders and home seekers. Amongst Pune Talegaon projects, projects in Talegaon get a special significance. Multinationals which are making heavy investments in the lands of Talegaon and around sense its importance. Passage of Mumbai – Pune expressway through Talegaon and presence of the railway station has given well-connectivity to the city. If Talegaon is the desired destination for your new property buying, then there are certain new projects to look out for.

 Unique Projects

Aikonic and Ecocity are two projects with certain uniqueness. These 2 new projects are built with eco-friendly and efficient technologies. Strategically located near the Railway station, both the projects serve ease of connectivity. Standing tall to its stature, Aikonic project is designed to perfection and to upgrade lifestyle. While the project Ecocity is pocket friendly and also a symbol of comfort and ease. These two projects are some of the best when it comes to Pune Talegaon projects. They have their own attributes which stand out from the rest. At Namrata Group, we believe in designing projects that are unique and efficient. Our aim is to make homes which make you feel home.  Growing on the threads of honesty by building wholesome homes is task that we follow. When it comes down to choosing amongst the various Pune Talegaon projects, certain projects do have an upper edge over the rest.

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