Growth prospects of investment in Talegaon

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 19th August, 2018

Investment in Talegaon

Growth Prospect of Investment in Talegaon

Investment in Talegaon comes with various perks. Pune as a city has been a witness to immense growth when it comes to the real estate scenario. At any given point, investment in Talegaon or any other location in and around Pune will be beneficial. Take a look:

Booming Real Estate

The city of Pune is receiving newcomers from all across the country each passing day. Booming IT, education, manufacturing and automobile sector is breeding endless employment opportunities for everyone. The increase in population has resulted into a high demand of residential spaces. Due to the same, Pune’s real estate is on a constant uprise. However, constructing a new space in the city is getting tough as there’s hardly any space left. A property in the city costs hefty sums to the pocket due to high property rates. Also, pollution, traffic and other things are playing their detrimental roles for it being the perfect choice.

Investment in Talegaon: The Futurescape

As outskirts are proving to be ideal for new construction, people are supervising which suits them the best. And that’s how Talegaon is climbing up the chart to stand as the favourite for many. Situated amidst hills and embraced by all the greens, Talegaon is one perfect place for living. Talegaon – the satellite city is also touched by the urban lifestyle effectively. Loaded with top class educational institutions, hospitals, malls, multiplexes and gyms, makes Talegaon a considerable, in fact, a priority choice for many. As Talegaon is situated near the Mumbai – Pune expressway, it also gets the advantage of speedy road connectivity.

 The Unmatched Promise

Multinationals are eyeing investment in Talegaon as a significant move. Companies like GM, L&T, Posco Steel, JCB, Avery Denison, Cosmos, Finolex Cables LTD. either have their presence at the MIDC or have bought land around the city. Also, Foxconn Technology Group’s investment of $5 billion over the next 5 years makes Talegaon Pune a promising place for heavy employment generation. When all the scenario is falling in the premise of a – better future, Talegaon is definitely a place to be at. Understanding the importance, Namrata Group is having their world class projects being erected at Talegaon. When the future is so promising, why to look anywhere else?

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