Gold vs Property Investment

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  • 24th July, 2018

Gold vs Property

Gold vs Property Investment

While there may be so many options to invest your hard earned money, gold and property buying tops the list of Indians.

Buying property or buying gold is one debate that can go on forever. While some may say that gold buying is the best investment that you can do, others might say gold investment is dead and investment in property is the smartest thing that can be done.

Let’s indulge more into this topic:

Value addition can be made

The property can be re-modeled and re-structured as and when wanted. Doing this will also increase the value of the property.

But gold is usually for self-consumption and any alterations if done will be for self.

What happens when idle?

Property can be bought for self-consumption and also for renting out. So even if you aren’t using your property, you can always find a tenant. Earning through rents is a good way to earn. A property can always do the money making for you.

On the other hand, gold can’t be given on rent and remains idle in the locker when not being used.

Bank Security

For any property dispute or any issue, banks will be there to help you finding a solution to it. With all the appropriate papers regarding ownership and transfer, be assured of being protected legally and financially.

Banks do not give security and is answerable for loss or destruction of your gold due to natural calamity or theft, etc. while it is locked up in the bank locker.

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