Visit these popular spots near talegaon

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  • 08th September, 2018

Residential Projects in Talegaon

Visit these popular spots near talegaon

Talegaon has become quite a favourite among people looking for good real estate. This has led to the development of various residential projects in Talegaon. This comes as no surprise since living in Talegaon has several upsides, a major one being the rich natural beauty. The minute you enter Talegaon, you get surrounded by greenery. The abundance of flora, the clean air and also the connectivity to Pune makes Talegaon a sound choice for settling.  Here are a few popular spots near Talegaon that you can explore.

Ghoradeshwar Hills

These hills in Talegaon are gorgeous. It’s a small climb to reach the top where there are many small caves. The main cave has a Shiva temple as well. If you explore, you will find a variety of flowers and birds. It is a great place for a morning jog or just a relaxing stroll.

Bhandara Dongar

The Bhandara Dongar is a fine example of nature’s beauty, especially in the monsoons. You get a panoramic view of the hills once you reach the top. The climb is very easy and you will constantly be surrounded by foliage. There is small temple dedicated to Saint Tukaram. It is believed that he used to come to Bhandar Dongar for meditation.

Talegaon Lake

Talegaon Lake is ideal for a one-day picnic with your family. It is a great place to go to for camping. It has a charming rustic beauty. You get a little of everything – an amazing lake, a great view, majestic hills and, if you stay till the evening, a starry sky.

Pawna Lake

Just an hour’s drive from Talegaon, Pawna Lake has become a camper’s paradise. The area is serene and mesmerising. The weather is pleasant throughout the year and the entire region is picture perfect. You can see small waterfalls and hills covered in clouds. The view of the lake itself is quite stunning.


Talegaon is in close proximity to Lonavala. It is filled with waterfalls, several scenic spots and the drive to reach there is an experience in itself. If you wish to live in nature but also enjoy the city life, then you should definitely look for residential projects in Talegaon. Here, you get the tranquillity with the hustle and bustle, the peace with the progress and nature with the development. Get the best of both worlds in Talegaon.

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