Weekend Getaways near Pune this Summer

  • Posted by: Sahir
  • 22nd April, 2022

Once known as a pensioner’s paradise, Pune was home to those who came seeking a peaceful life in a luxurious environment. Pune has grown with time and is now a vibrant and thriving city that is a major hub for education, entertainment industries, and not to forget the IT giants. While the city dwellers are always on the move, however, on the weekend especially the long ones, the people here are on the lookout for a place to get going.

Let us explore top weekend getaways near Pune for summers

Talegaon Dabhade 

Talegaon Dabhade is a smaller but beautiful upcoming tourist destination that is worth a visit. You will be surprised by some of the unique things to do and places you can explore at this hidden destination. There is Ghoravadeshwar mountain with a temple of God Shankat. This place would give you the best experience of hiking and you would love it in the rainy season when the entire mountain gets covered by greenery and you can enjoy many waterfalls. There is also a huge statue of Lord Ganesha from where you get a beautiful view of Talegaon city. Then there is Japalouppe Equestrian Centre with a huge ranch accommodating horses and other farm animals. You can also view the sunset at the sunset point at the Bhangar Dangar.


Weekend Getaways near Pune



  • Kamshet is a hill station and one of the best places near Pune for a weekend getaway. It offers a host of adventure sports and is known for parasailing and paragliding. Then there is Uksan Lake, Bedsa Caves (one of the oldest caves of Maharashtra dating back to 60 B.C). Those who like to trek will love Dhak Bahiri caves. Kamshet lies at a distance of 50 km from Pune and Kamshet is surrounded by a few hamlets, which offer you a perfect spot for paragliding. A spiritually inclined person can head to the temples of Kondeshwar and Vidveshwar after cooling their heels at the Vadival lake. It houses a lot of ancient caves and medieval fortresses. It is about 48km away from Pune.

Weekend Getaways near Pune



  • Lonavala is one of the most popular and best places near Pune for a weekend stay. The hill station has awe-inspiring viewpoints like Echo Point. Lonavala is well known for its delicacies of fudge and chikkis in Lonavala which is around 66 km from Pune. The hill station is a paradise for those who are into trekking; for nature lovers, the lush greenery and the breathtaking view of the region will surely swipe you off your feet. The Bushi Dam is a major draw amongst its visitors.


Weekend Getaways near Pune


  • Mahabaleshwar which is around 120 km from the city of Pune is one of the famous tourist getaways. The hill station is also given a holy tag, as there is a belief that the river Krishna originated here, one can enjoy the sight of rock formations and the natural beauty from various viewpoints.

Weekend Getaways near Pune


  • Matheran This beautiful hill station is at a distance of 120 km away from Pune. To reach the hill point, one can opt for trekking or simply enjoy the joy ride on the toy train. A plus point is that there is no pollution here at all, as vehicles are banned in the region. With numerous lakes and temples and a large number of viewpoints, one can enjoy some refreshing air.

Weekend Getaways near Pune


  • Alibaug This town lies on the coastline of the state of Maharashtra. The place is the destination for those who love sand, water, and seafood. There are plenty of beaches here and some of them are very still apart from the gushing sound of the waves. It is a perfect place to read your favorite book admiring the horizon.

Weekend Getaways near Pune


  • Panchgani is blanketed by five hills of the beautiful Sahyadris and lies at a distance of 101 km from Pune. The main attractions here are view points and the Dhom Dam built over the river Krishna. It is one of the best places near Pune for the weekend. It’s situated on a huge volcanic plateau and houses wonderful viewpoints like the Parsi point and Sydney Point.

Malshej Ghat

  • Malshej Ghat is one of the best getaways near Pune. It’s got thick forests, age-old forts, and several waterfalls. Also, you can do waterfall rappelling here. It is 120 km away from Pune.


Weekend Getaways near Pune


  • Lohagad is perfect for short trips near Pune, especially for trekking trips. It’s famous for the Lohagad fort which was occupied by great dynasties like the Nizams, Marathas, and Mughals. It is about 75 km away from Pune.


  • Khandala is of the romantic getaways near Pune, around 70km away. You’ll be welcomed by cloud-covered mountains and waterfalls though.


  • Sinhagad is a hilltop fort. It means you have to climb up around the hill to reach the main fort. It lies 30km away from Pune.

Pawna Lake

  • Pawna Lake is best for a picnic, Pawna lake is 52 lm away. It’s great if you want to rent a tent with your roomies and cook your food (for a change) under a starry night.


  • Wai is good for kayaking and loads of other adventurous activities and is only 88 km away.

There are a few others that are slightly away like Bhandardara which is the highest peak in the state of Maharashtra and known for its majestic mountains and the cascading waterfalls. Kolad is great for an adventure junkie who is on the lookout to satisfy the adrenaline rush. 115 km from Pune, the place offers adventure sports like river rafting, kayaking, flying fox, and many more along with night camps and bonfires.

Pune enjoys excellent connectivity and proximity to various tourist hotspots. Now that you have a handy guide, make your bookings for summer weekends.