Real Estate scene is changing in pune

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  • 17th August, 2018

New Projects in Pune

Real Estate scene is changing in pune

Currently the country’s real estate industry is surfing through a rough. On the other hand, Pune has been sailing smoothly. Thanks to the ever-booming IT, automobile and manufacturing industry. Not scarce of space and bestowed with a good climate, Pune is shining through the days.

New projects in Pune are being erected all around the city. Heavy competition is making the real estate industry transform and upgrade ceaselessly. Brining in new innovations and world-class luxuries is changing the real estate scene rapidly.

 The game changers:

  • Prefabrication – Prefabrication is the process of assembling components of a building remotely before installing it at the site.  It quickens the execution and facilitates delivery within the deadline.
  • Green construction – Green construction is using environment-friendly material which is also resource-efficient throughout a buildings life cycle.
  • Micro apartments – The trend of micro apartments is on a constant rise in cities as living in big homes is getting more and more expensive and beyond the reach of common people.
  • 3D printing – 3D printing is a part of a wider technological concept called ‘building printing’ that uses 3D printing to develop buildings.
  • Aluminium Formwork System – uses poured concrete to produce high quality, durable housing. It significantly reduces costs and streamlines the entire construction process.

The Technology

Usage of these technologies at new projects in Pune is changing the scenario for a better. At Namrata Group, we are also inducing such new technologies to enhance the living experience. Eco City is one of the very few residential projects in Talegaon that uses Alu Form technology. All in all, new projects in Pune are adapting quickly to the needful making it a best city to live!

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