How is Talegaon developing

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  • 21st May, 2018

How is Talegaon developing

In a matter of just few years, Talegaon has become the place where everything is happening at once! From being a small village known for its scenic beauty, it is now a booming city that has become home to many people.

A Balanced Life

Talegaon is the perfect combination for people who like to lead balanced lives as it offers all the ultra-modern touch of a city along with the calming and beautiful landscapes to fulfill one’s need of living in and with nature.

The Industrial Growth and Employment Opportunities

In the last few years, Talegaon has become a home to various agro-base units and multinational companies. Situated between two thriving cities, Mumbai and Pune, Talegaon is the place to be right now! Various multinational companies like Daikin-Japan and other companies working in the field of Information Technology, Infrastructure, medicine, hospitality, etc have made Talegaon their home. Naturally, this gives way to ample of employment opportunities.

Easy and Quick Access

One can easily reach Talegaon by the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and NH-4, National Highway. What’s more, a Ring Road Project has been proposed that will soon be put into place and will make Talegaon even more accessible from Pune and that too quickly!

A Home for All

There is something for everyone at Talegaon, especially for the people who are looking for a home near arious tourist attractions. Places like Induri Fort, Bhandara Hills and Caves, Ghoradeshwar hills, etc are just in the range of 10 kms from Talegaon!

Education at Talegaon

Apart from that, Talegaon has seen a growth in the number of educational institutes that exist in this city. This ensures that education of their kids won’t be an issue for people who decide to work or live here at Talegaon.

Upcoming Real Estate In Talegaon

These are just some of the factors that help trace the growth of this amazing city and due to these factors, various real estate companies have also rooted themselves in Talegaon, making it possible for people to actually live here and experience this way of life on their own! Truly, Talegaon is the place to be in right now! So, what are you waiting for?

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