Buying a commercial space near your home

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  • 23rd May, 2018

Neeche dukan, Upar makan!

Office Near Home

If you are an entrepreneur or a start up, it’s certainly advisable that you invest in a commercial property of your own. Commercial spaces comprise of Retail buildings, Office buildings, Malls, Warehouses, Industrial buildings, Heath care, Hospitality, and Mixed use properties. This would save a lot of your money you would be otherwise spending on rentals. Besides, buying such a commercial space near your home is doubly advantageous! To find out more about this, just read on…


  • Higher returns: Investing in a commercial space obviously means higher returns. If the location of this commercial space is at a most sought-after one; the returns would escalate even more. You can get almost 6% yields per annum. Sometimes, they can increase to 10-11% as well.

So, if you get an opportunity to buy a commercial property in the same area while booking a home; there is nothing like it!

  • Growing appreciation: If the commercial space is capable of attracting more investors and if you offer your tenants stability of lease; your returns would be multifold. Besides, such a location would keep on appreciated forever.
  • Saves time: A commercial space that’s close to your residence lets you save a lot of travel time. Besides, there would be no time wasted in traffic snarls.
  • Saves money: The fuel prices are skyrocketing. A home closer to your residence would allow you to save on it quite considerably.
  • Enhanced quality of life: If your home is near your workplace; you can dedicate more time for your family. This would certainly be a fresh breather and it will add to your happiness like never before!
  • It would let you catch up with your hobbies: Chances are, that  after spending some quality time with your family; you would still have some spare time on hands. You can put this spare time to some really good use like taking up an old hobby once again. Really, the satisfaction that one can get through self-actualisation is beyond any comparison!

If you go for a home in Eco city 2.0 and commercial space at Ecoshoppy; enjoying this double advantage would be a truly fulfilling experience!

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