Investing in property? Look for long term ROI.

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  • 29th April, 2019

Long Term ROI

Investing in property? Look for long term ROI.

The goal of every property investor is to get profitable Return on Investment that is ROI. Return on Investment can be measured in two ways. One is monetary returns and second, returns in terms of happiness and fulfilment. So, while investing in property, look for long term ROI in both ways.

Prime Location

While investing, choose a home on a well-connected, prime location. It should hold promising appreciation opportunities for the future. Such an investment will boost your investment. Locations like Talegaon, Hinjewadi, Thatawade, Baner, Mahalunge are much sought after by families and professionals. Your property can earn you handsome rent here.

Quality of the Property

Long term ROI is gained by investing in a property by a trusted builder. Credibility and transparency are important factors. Reputed builders assure good construction quality, hi life amenities, finest branded specifications and pleasant ambience. Good property attracts attention and offers great living experience or excellent rental or resale cost.

Surrounding Lifestyle

If your property is in close proximity to eminent educational institutes, entertainment avenues, markets, shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals and clinics, it is highly convenient. This is surely beneficial for long term ROI. Consider the neighbourhood while investing.

Namrata Projects fetch high ROI

Namrata Builders has a range of 1/2/3 BHK projects in and around Pune projects that have it all- location advantage, excellent construction quality, attractive amenities and reasonable rates. It translates into excellent and long term ROI for the investors.

Happynest at Talegaon, 32 Pinewood Drive at Hinjewadi, Life 360 Degree at Rahatani, 43 Privet Drive at Baner- Balewadi, Aikonic and Ecocity at Talegaon are landmark Namrata creations. Invest in them and ensure high long term ROI.


Moving to Talegaon

Talegaon is the top choice for real estate investors

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