Buying a Home in Talegaon Pune Vs Buying a Home in Mumbai

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 27th April, 2020

Buying a Home in Talegaon Pune Vs Buying a Home in Mumbai

Mumbai, the city of dreams where people are always on the go; Talegaon (a Pune suburb), laid back and a budding residential destination. The mighty Mumbai and the tiny Talegaon, there is no comparison whatsoever. Yes on the face of it this is what it looks like however in past few years perceptions of people have changed. here’s you know all about buying homes in talegaon, pune.

While chasing dreams and money is fine, physical and mental well-being is critical too. No wonder people are looking for investment avenues away from the maddening city life. What makes Talegaon attractive to home buyers is its locational advantage. Ensconced between Pune and Mumbai, two thriving cities, Talegaon is merely 2 hrs drive from Mumbai and 45 minutes from Pune. No surprises here why people in Mumbai and Pune are scanning options to buy home in Talegaon, Pune. 

Let us explore how this shift in perception is coming about and why people prefer to own home in Talegaon instead of Mumbai.







India’s financial hub, fast-paced life, glamour and riches, larger-than-life movie industry Mumbai is incredible in so many ways. However when you think of Mumbai you also think of tiny houses, cramped spaces, crowd everywhere, expensive living, maddening traffic too.

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Talegaon is a like a city away from a city, offering everything you seek, open spaces, huge land masses, better lifestyle, affordable housing.

Bigger/ Affordable Homes

Mumbai will remind you of match-box homes and mind it you pay a fortune for that too, based on the location you pick. In fact many a times people in Mumbai live all their life on rent/small sized apartments simply because buying a house in Mumbai is beyond their reach.

Property prices in Talegaon are around half the cost of a similar property in Pune and one-third that of a property in Mumbai. So even with a nominal budget, in Talegaon, you can have a roof over your head, your own home in Talegaon. It offers a range of residential options ranging from premium, luxury to budget & affordable housing . So for a home in Talegaon, you pay less. There are some to top budget projects in Talegaon to choose from.

Even the amenities available in budget Homes in Talegaon are far better than what you get in Mumbai for a tiny space.

Cost of Living

There is a stark contrast when you compare living in Mumbai and Talegaon, in fact they are poles apart. The cost of living in metro cities such as Mumbai is quite high: rentals, transport, grocery, vegetables etc. But places like Talegaon are budget-friendly and economical.

Physical and Mental Well-Being

To survive in Mumbai you need to be on your toes all the time. People living in metros are stressed, suffer from lifestyle disorders because they spend half their life on the road: travelling for work, education, leisure etc. Although buying a home is an extremely critical decision where location, infrastructure, work-place proximity and other factors matter, however people nowadays are giving equal importance to mental & physical health too. So while money is a huge attraction so is peace of mind.

Climate & Environment

While Talegaon, Pune is considered to be a green area, Mumbai is more of a concrete jungle. It offers pollution-free environment. Weather at Talegaon is awesome, unlike Mumbai which is sticky and humid (Mumbai being in coastal area). The breeze is so refreshing in Talegaon that you don’t sweat. So you save on your AC bills too. While monsoon in Mumbai can be really hard to tackle, rains there are rather pleasant. Unlike Mumbai, Talegaon does not come to a standstill during the monsoon.

Availability of ample land bank

Cities like Mumbai have limited availability of land. So there aren’t many parks, walking areas, green zones, pathways, etc. in majority of the areas. Talegaon, being away from Pune city has ample land and huge open spaces.

Social Infrastructure

While Mumbai has a developed Social Infrastructure, Talegaon is not lagging behind. Since Talegaon is a booming employment hub, it has some established schools, colleges, hospitals, malls, multiplexes and gyms. So basically you have everything you need at a comfortable distance.

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Ease of Transport

Local trains, the lifeline of Mumbai are forever crowded; the Mumbaikars take hours to commute to their work-place and back. Having home in Talegaon, you may even use your two-wheeler to move around and reach places in minutes.

Proximity to Hill Stations & Picnic Spots for Weekend Getaways

It is a tough task for Mumbaikars to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Hill stations and weekend getaways like Lonavala, Wai, and Mahabaleshwar are much closer to Talegaon than they are to Mumbai, making it that much easier to go on a weekend getaway.

Traffic Woes

Mumbai traffic jams are globally known now. It drives you crazy at times. In Talegaon, traffic is mostly fast-moving.

High investment potential

Whether you buy a property in Talegaon for end-use or for investment, the burgeoning commercial expansion in the area, pleasant climate and lower property prices in will always allure buyers. Moreover, Talegaon holds vast business potential. As the industrial operators in Chakan-Talegaon belt have been looking to lease out warehouse spaces in proximity, Talegaon is the most appropriate market as it not only offers adequate land but seamless connectivity as well. Therefore a home in Talegaon would fetch higher returns for buyers, if they wish to sell their property in future.

While Mumbai is Mumbai, it is believed that demand for locations like Talegaon vis a vis Mumbai will gradually increase, because metros are getting more and more congested. For budget homes, low cost of living, peaceful and comfortable life, you have to make a choice.