Ways to keep your home Clean & Dry during the rainy days

  • Posted by: Sahir
  • 24th May, 2022

As the monsoon hits the country bringing in plenty of rainfall and cloud cover, it’s important to gear up and be prepared. Wilting plants also come to life with every splatter. But for homeowners, the rainy days pose more inconvenience, especially with the mud all around. This is even a greater challenge to those who have kids because this means setting house rules exclusively for rainy days. Monsoon can be a nightmare for a homeowner, bringing maximum damage to your walls causing leaks, mold, fungus, cracks, and chipping paint. Keeping your home clean & dry on rainy days is a herculean task.

During this season of unforeseen and sudden downpours, it’s best to invest time and effort into rainy season cleaning and preventive measures, instead of having to pay for damages later on. Let us explore some tips on how to keep the room dry in the rainy season.

Tips & Ideas to keep home clean and dry on rainy days

  • Prevent Insect Infestation

With monsoon comes a warm and humid environment that is perfect for insects and other pesky creatures. Therefore, it’s normal to see insects crawling in and around your house. However, while most are harmless, some of these insects can ruin furniture, and walls and spread diseases. Install mosquito nets to your windows to ensure ventilation while keeping insects out.

home clean & dry on rainy days


  • Treat damp walls

If you notice wet patches on your wall, find the cause and prevent further damage. Use sealant, putty, or grout to cover cracks on pipes and walls. Opt for waterproofing coating on the exterior walls to create a barrier from rain and moisture. Invest in a damp-proof course, an impervious material built into the brick wall to create a barrier between the ground and wall. This prevents water from the ground level to cause any damage. You can also opt for silicon paints for indoor walls that have high water-resistant properties.


home clean & dry on rainy days


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  • Prevent fungus and mold from growing on the walls

If you see gross black-ish growth on your walls—that’s mold and when it becomes toxic, it’s a fungus. It is usually found in humid and moisture-laden rooms like the basement or bathroom. You must contact a professional to deal with mold and fungus during the rainy season.

However, here are easy some ways to prevent mold and fungus:

  • Use bleach to remove mold and mildew from walls, tiles, shower curtains, bathroom mats, etc.
  • You may use Borax and vinegar solution with scrub on affected areas.
  • Ensure proper ventilation and airflow in all the bedrooms

home clean & dry on rainy days


  • Keep shoe/bag rack near the doorway

Shoes and slippers are the number one culprit for dirty and wet floors. To keep the home clean & dry on rainy days, having a shoe rack beside your main door will prevent all the mud from getting to the inner parts of the house. All wet bags, umbrellas, and raincoats can also be placed in one designated space for easy cleaning later on.

  • Place hampers near the bathroom or changing room

Change your dirty clothes to clean ones as soon as you get home. You may place them in the laundry basket right away or hang them in the bathroom or laundry area if wet. Anything wet can easily pick up dirt or even dust making it even harder to clean once it dries up.

  • Use disinfectants when cleaning the floor

Microbes and bacteria thrive in damp and moist environments. If the floor is constantly wet, using a disinfectant to clean it will prevent mildew and bacteria from growing. You may also allow the floor to dry up faster by using a fan or you can clean it when the kids are all in bed.

  • Avoid carpets and rugs

Try not to use rugs & carpets during the rainy days as they are hard to clean once they’re damp and smudged with dirt. This would help you keep your home clean & dry on rainy days.

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  • Ventilate your home now and then

Since most of the time your doors and windows are closed during the rainy days, your house can get damp with molds growing causing a foul odor. You can air the room now and then to avoid the stale, damp air from accumulating and use air deodorizers to tone the stench down.

  • Check drainage system for clogs

Keep the drainage free from any clogs so flood water can easily pass through the pipes. This will also prevent flooding in your area.

  • Extra Care for Pets

You might still have to bring your pet out even on rainy days for his/her daily walk. Although you can keep them on a leash, you can expect a pair of dirty paws afterward. You can give them a proper bath after their daily exercise and dry them up before letting them inside the house. This will make sure your upholstery won’t get any of that water trickles from/her coat.

Every homeowner dreads house cleaning during the rainy days but the above-said safety precautions during the rainy season would help you keep your home neat.


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