Vastu Shastra Benefits of Keeping a Tulsi Plant at Home

  • Posted by: Sahir
  • 06th July, 2022

For every Hindu, Keeping a Tulsi plant at home is considered sacred and auspicious at every Hindu household. Tulsi or holy basil is a flowering plant that belongs to the mint family and has originated in the Indian subcontinent. Known as the queen of herbs, the Tulsi plant also has numerous medicinal properties.

As per the Hindu religion, Holy Basil or Tulsi is a revered plant that is believed to be a form of goddess Lakshmi. Usually, people grow the plant in a four-sided cement structure that is also known as Tulsi chaura. People worship the Tulsi plant in the morning and evening by chanting mantras, lighting incense, and offering flowers.

Let us look at the benefits of the Tulsi plant at home, its importance as per Vastu, and its medicinal properties.

Why you must have a Tulsi plant at Home?

Tulsi plant Vastu and its benefits

Placement: Where to keep the Tulsi plant when bringing it home? Make sure you place the plant in the Vastu recommended direction only, which is the north or northeast direction. As it is the direction of water, it helps in destroying all the negative energies and creates some good and positive vibes in the home as per the Vastu rules. According to the Vastu Shastra rules, one should not keep the plant in the South-East direction, which is the direction of the fire God or Agni.

Take Proper Care: Tulsi plants should be grown with proper care; they should not get dried or damaged when in the house. That brings bad luck for the house’s residents as per Vastu Shastra.

Keep the area around the plant neat and clean: The Tulsi plant at home can bring peace and happiness to the mind of the residents of that house. The plant is meant to destroy disease and negative energy of any kind and give you mental peace.

Always remember that it is not good to plant Tulsi or basil in the ground. You should always plant it in a pot to get the best results.


benefits of tulsi plant at home


Keep the Tulsi plant at home on a platform much higher than your house’s original base, as it is good according to the rules of Vastu.

The best place for planting a Tulsi plant is where it gets maximum sunlight and other natural elements for its growth and long life.

The Hindu married people worship the Tulsi plant at their home for a peaceful and prosperous married life. Apart from this, the presence of the tulsi plant in the house can bring great happiness and wealth to the family.

The principles of Vastu suggest keeping the Tulsi plants in odd numbers like one, three, five, etc. to get the best results. Also, if you love to do gardening, don’t put the Tulsi plant near any kind of rough or thorny species of plants like cactus.

As per Vastu, placing the Tulsi plant near your main door helps to fight negativity and ill-will in the house.

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Healing & Medicinal Properties

The benefits of the Tulsi plant at home are many given its healing and medicinal properties.

  • The leaves of Tulsi are widely known for their medicinal properties and are used in Ayurveda, which is an alternative system of medicine. Consuming Tulsi leaves benefits in many ways mainly keeping you safe from seasonal colds and coughs.
  • Besides, Tulsi helps in fighting various diseases and conditions, including cancer, heart-related diseases, respiratory illnesses, skin problems, etc.
  • The Tulsi plant leaves help in fighting various bacterial infections, thus, people suffering from fever sometimes find it useful to take Tulsi tea as it is helpful in speedy recovery.


benefits of tulsi plant at home


Other Benefits

  • Apart from its medicinal properties, the presence of Tulsi plants helps in eliminating stress.
  • The plant keeps mosquitoes away with its mosquito-repellent qualities.
  • Keeping this plant at home purifies the air. It is believed that the Tulsi plant absorbs toxic gases such as sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc., from the air.
  • The plant creates a pleasant aroma, which keeps the surroundings fresh.
  • Tulsi is also used as a herb in cooking.

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The Tulsi plant benefits for home are many, right from physical health to mental health and religious pursuits. Follow the above pointers to maintain a healthy Tulsi plant at your home and keep the vibrations of your home strong, positive, and energetic.