Talegaon – The Chosen Residential Destination of Senior Citizens

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 25th May, 2020

There is a growing tribe of senior citizens who are moving to peaceful retirement destinations now away from maddening city life. Although a majority of seniors want to live in the city, in proximity to their children or with them, space constraints in metros create social challenges. They wish to live in more peaceful and relaxed environs along with the benefits that the city life provides.

Mumbai and Pune are witnessing a growing demand among seniors for residential projects away from these cities. Talegaon is one such location emerging as the best living place for senior citizens. There are a huge number of flats for sale in Talegaon catering to all sections of the society. Amongst the greatest benefits of investing in Talegaon Pune is the wide array of project choices from premium, luxury, affordable, and budget homes. It is easily accessible from Mumbai and Pune. With life becoming more challenging in big metro cities, a place like Talegaon Pune is one of the best living places for senior citizens.

Now let us explore reasons why senior Citizens are scanning options to invest in Talegaon Pune, a much smaller location, over Mumbai and Pune

Talegaon vs Mumbai & Pune

  • Affordability factor:

This is a crucial factor in determining the home-buying decision ‘affordability’. While, on the one hand, there is a desire to live independently, on the other hand, the ‘diminishing returns’ on post-retirement finances, means that a lot of senior citizens cannot afford expensive projects in big cities. Since land prices in the major metros are very high, senior living has more potential to thrive in tier-2 cities, where the value of land is less. Having a home in places like Talegaon will be more affordable for senior citizens, who have to live off their savings after a certain age. Property prices in Talegaon are around half the rate of a similar property in Pune and one-third that of a property in Mumbai.

But while affordability is one factor, equally important are the social infrastructure, facilities & amenities which must be at par with luxury projects.

  • Cost of Living:

Those elders who are living on their pension and savings find it tough to live a comfortable life in metros owing to the high cost of living. Places like Talegaon offer residential spaces at much lower costs and the overall cost of living is low too.

Fast-Paced Metro life /Smaller Homes

Often, children who work in Mumbai or Pune, do not get much time to spend with their parents and take care of their needs. The travel time eats into their family time. While a substantial proportion of seniors want to live in the city around their children or in proximity to them, smaller homes and space issues in top metros create social challenges. Talegaon is emerging as an attractive destination for senior living, so while there is a slower pace of living, you are very well connected to Mumbai (2 hrs) and Pune (45 mins). The seniors also enjoy weekend family visits and get-togethers.

  • Independent Living / The Changing Senior Citizen

A significant section of seniors today are independent, financially stable, well-traveled, socially connected, and as a result, have well-developed thoughts of how they want to spend time after retirement. They want to spend their life on their terms, with their families (staying or visiting them), pursue hobbies, and meet people their age in a relatively relaxed environment.

City life is quite chaotic moving to a serene, quiet place outside the city is where they can live amid nature while continuing to enjoy visits by the family. Talegaon fits the bill perfectly.

  • Pollution-Free Environment:

While pollution is a big concern for every one of us, it can severely impact the health of senior people. A pollution-free environment may not be possible in cities like Mumbai & Pune, at least in the near future. Talegaon with its green surroundings offers cleaner air to our seniors.

  • Lesser Congestion Makes It Easy:

Seniors prefer living in an environment, which is crowd-free, has a lower population density, lower traffic volume, and lower presence of polluting industries. Huge cities like Mumbai and Pune do not fulfill these criteria.

  • Large Land Parcels:

Good social infrastructure along with open spaces is an important criterion for senior living. Mumbai and Pune are extremely expensive; you need the fortune to buy apartments with open spaces around. Social Infrastructure like large gardens, parks, walkable green spaces, and wheelchair-friendly pathways are readily available in Talegaon. Cities like Mumbai and Pune have limited availability of land and you might actually have to drive down to a park or garden.

  • Healthcare Accessibility:

Availability and quality of healthcare is one critical parameter that senior citizens look forward to while buying a flat. The air quality in Talegaon is far better than that in Mumbai or Pune. There are several big hospitals in the Talegaon to cater to your needs.

  • Connectivity

Talegaon offers excellent connectivity via the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. It has functional connectivity via expressway, national highway, airport, and railway. Mumbai is 2 hrs and Pune 45 minutes away. There is excellent Bus Service via Pimpri Bus Stand, Bhosari Bus Depot, and Shivaji Nagar Bus Stand that lie in close vicinity. There is a railway station; the Pune Airport is also only 1 hour 15 minutes away.

Senior citizens prefer properties that have open spaces, a pollution-free environment, and are close to their friends and family. Residential Projects in Talegaon offer just that along with affordable homes too. It is a city away from the city, which means you can get everything that a metro city like Mumbai and Pune has to offer. This exactly sums up how seniors would like to spend the rest of their lives. So be an early bird and check out flats for sale in Talegaon before they go beyond your means.