Is It Better To Live In A Flat Or Purchase Your Own Bungalow?

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 29th January, 2020

Is It Better To Live In A Flat Or Purchase Your Own Bungalow?

own bungalow

Owning a property with your own hard-earned money is a dream come true. Before making any property investment, the question that arises in mind is what suits you best? A flat or Bungalow? Where would you like to live in? Whatever choice you make will determine your lifestyle, location, and budget. To make your decision easy, we are ready to help and guide you through all the disadvantages and advantages of living in a Bungalow or Flat.

More Space and Privacy

If you consider living in a bungalow will give you more space and privacy, then you are not wrong. A small garden and car parking will fulfill your basic requirements. But the maintenance of these essential requirements turns into a mammoth task burning a hole in your pocket. Whereas premium luxury flats cater and maintain a clean and green environment along with adequate car parking space and privacy.

World-Class Amenities

Nothing is better when compared with the comfort of your home. Nowadays, modern flats have take leap way ahead of bungalows. The contemporary designs, decor, resources, patio everything is made available as per the requirement. The luxurious apartments are no longer less than a five-star hotel. Achieving the same amenities in a bungalow increases the budget and creates more hassle.


Having a secured neighborhood is an essential requirement for personal safety. In flats, your neighbors are just across the hall, and security is available 24/7. For older people, flats are the best option as help can be sought in case of emergency.

Endless Amenities and Activities

One of the factors which is not available if you are staying in a bungalow. For all recreational activities, you need to travel a bit. Premium luxury developers provide a plethora of outdoor and indoor activities under one roof. Each family member’s needs are fed without going to far off places or worrying about individual safety.

Social Interaction

Social interaction or community living is equivalent if you are staying in flat or Bungalow. Your neighbours become your extended family, helping you during times of crisis or needs. Interaction in open spaces, halls, gym areas increases bonding between the residents. In flats, the chances of communication between people of different age group is more.

Domestic Support

In present times depending on internal support has become a necessity of life. In big cities, life moves at a fast pace. With work-related stress, you depend on the house helps to maintain your daily demands. Finding domestic help is easier if you are staying in the flat.

Various Options to Explore

Investing in a flat is more comfortable as location, budget and specifications are all in your own hands. For Bungalow, you need to look for a suitable site that is feasible as per your needs. You may get lucky in fetching a good land at a reasonable rate, but it may be far off from your workplace or off the city limits. 2BHK, 3BHK, or 4BHK will give you more chances to explore alternatives.

If you have shifted to a new city due to work or any other requirement, then flat is the best option until you familiarise yourself with the city. Flats are more comfortable to maintain compared to Bungalows.