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  • 26th May, 2018

home for all

It can be a challenge to buy a property that fits in the wishlist for everyone in your family – the youngsters, the kids and the elderly. The person who is responsible of  finding a house that everyone likes ends up getting confused. If only one could find a place that would put an end to all these issues. Well, if you are looking for a place that can be a home for all – Talegaon is where you should be! Here is why:

Perfect for Kids who are Growing Up

Kids tend to feel restricted when they do not have enough area to play or mess around with other kids. A lot of new upcoming projects tend to have a play area for kids but it is not enough. Kids often want to jump, get dirty and climb trees over and over again, sail paper boats in the lakes and all this adds to their overall development, especially physical growth. Here at Talegaon, all these activities are possible as it is surrounded by nature, has ample space and one can be sure that kids will love to play and grow up here.  Apart from this, there are some reputed schools here and this only makes it better as there will be work and play balance which will keep both parents and kids happy!

Dream Come True for the Young Couple

Buying a home is always special, especially if it is your first as a couple! This period of life for a young couple will be such that they look forward to spending time with each other while growing professionally. When one wants to do both, a home that allows them this will always be perfect for them. Apart from this, Talegaon is surrounded by plenty of activities which can be turned into a date or weekend full of picnic and hiking! Truly, it is a dream come true!

A Stable Home for the Middle Aged Family

There comes a point in life when one is done with all the hustle and wants to finally settle down. This is when one looks for a home for all that has all the qualities of a permanent home. Talegaon is perfect if you are planning to buy a house that will stay with you for a lifetime as you are surrounded by nature. It is at a reachable distance from the big cities- Pune, Mumbai  and offers peace once you get home from work. It will feel like a blessing when you enter your own home here.

Senior Citizen’s Den

A home for all is incomplete if it doesn’t provide for the elder members of the family. Just like kids, senior citizens also like to spend time with their friends. They need to have company and share things with other like minded people and in order to do that, they tend to go to temples or gardens and meet such people and make friends. Along with that, in order to keep their health in check, they also need to be out in fresh air and do some walking in a park or in an area surrounded by trees. Here at Talegaon, all of this is possible! Surrounded by lakes, hills and temples, there is enough space for senior citizens to mix with other people and spend time along with keeping their health in check!

To keep your family happy and your life stress free, invest in property that fulfills the criteria of being ‘home for all’. Find out more at Namrata Group

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