Why real estate continues to be a secured investment option?

  • Posted by: Sahir
  • 18th May, 2022

Investing is one of the best decisions to attain financial freedom. The debate about which is the best type of investment is as old as one can remember. Pune offers a host of real estate investment opportunities that would grow manifolds in years to come. With well-chosen assets, investors can enjoy predictable cash flow, excellent returns, tax advantages, and diversification. While there are many options, such as stocks, mutual funds, government bonds, currencies, gold, and real estate, it is real estate which the most secured investment option of all.

Here is what you must know about real estate investment benefits and what makes it secure and safe.

Why real estate is the best and most secure real estate investment option?

  • Tangible Asset

When you invest in real estate, you buy a tangible asset. There is a physicality associated with the real estate option. If you have a home and you can’t find tenants or the rentals are low, you can still your primary home or you can sell it to make a profit. Consider a stock market collapse where you lose all your money when investing in stocks.

  • Stability/ Less Risk

When compared to the stock markets, the real estate market is quite stable. Besides, the stock market is highly volatile. Stock markets are highly volatile, so you either make a lot of money or lose lots in a few days or even hours. While the real estate market is also not insured against volatility, it is much less than in the case of stocks. This makes it less risky. You have more control over the risks of real estate investment than the stock market. Many other factors are beyond your control in the stock market. On the other hand, your property gives you more power to build your wealth. No wonder it is the most secured investment option.

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  • Long term appreciation/ Better Returns

The stability of the real estate market ensures that in the long run, the prices will always go up. The rental income from a property may not increase every year in a city or a locality, its selling price, in the long run, will surely appreciate. As long as you hold the property, your risk is minimized. The value of your property increases as the market grows, and there is very little possibility that the value will decrease.

  • High Asset Value

A secure investment plan must also include real estate for its high asset value. That means there is a very low risk of depreciation in real estate properties, such as land or home. Whereas the value of stocks can go down to zero, or if you have a car, its value can decrease over time.

  • Tax Benefits

Lastly, there are many tax advantages while investing in real estate. There is tax deduction due to operating costs, home insurance, property tax, etc.

  • Regular income

Not only in the long-term, but this secured investment option will generate some monthly rental income for you too.

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  • Hedge against inflation

Inflation is a fact – i.e., the general price level goes up over time even if some prices drop down from one month to another. Real estate investing, thus, is excellent protection against inflation. Even though all prices go up with time, the prices of investment properties go up more rapidly. That is to say that real estate appreciation tends to overcome inflation, which means that real estate investing provides a hedge against inflation.

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The two most important features of any sort of investment are profitability and risk. Investing in real estate is an excellent choice for capitalizing on your money because it promises security and great returns. If you want that all, book your space in Namrata Group projects now!