5 Best Indoor Gardening Ideas for Your Modern Home

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 05th April, 2021

Sometimes you just walk into your home really tired looking for a way to freshen yourself up.  Maybe you could begin by looking past the usual suspects – the gadgets we are perennially surrounded by – and consider resorting to organic ways to ease the tide. But, does it actually help you to distress?

Let me ask you a question, what do you think about the idea of an indoor garden? The good part about de-stressing comes here. Setting up an indoor garden would help a great deal in diminishing many of your day-to-day mental worries. Giving a break to televisions and mobiles for a while and sitting amidst natural auras could be of large help in relaxing your mind and calming your soul. Would you not want to experience some peace of mind? Here is how one can go about it.

Indoor Gardening is not what you think it is:

People usually think that indoor gardening requires a lot of space. But actually, it doesn’t. Having the right indoor gardening plants will eliminate the issue of requiring too much space. Consider this as a great way of decorating the inside of your home while satisfying your desire of going green or fulfilling any purpose.

5 Clever & Cheap Indoor Gardening Ideas

1. Plant a Vertical Garden

vertical garden

There are different ways to bring plants into your home while using planters that will fit right with your furniture and fixtures. One of the most common and easiest ways to bring plants indoors is by going vertical.  All that you have to do is to use tray pots and plant herbs or succulents on your walls. The key point to be remembered here is to place wood trellis or layered containers as pots.

Now, if you are someone who prefers clay pots then, there are magnets that will allow you to stick the pots to the wall enabling you to arrange them however you wish. But, for one to be able to do this, it is important to look at your walls not just as architectural structures but also as a potential holding area for growing plants.

2. Hanging Gardens are A Good Option Too

hanging garden

Hanging gardens can take many forms. One must have a shelving system that they can suspend from the ceiling and hang it from the staircase ( if your home has one), or hang it on the balcony. Also,  an old clothing rack can also be used as a pot placer.  Whatever the case is, the purpose of using a hanging garden is to avoid getting it in the way of people and furniture and at the same time giving a beautiful home to your plants. Note that the plants planted initially will not look much but, once it starts to grow out and bloom, they will add greenery to your indoor areas.

3. Use Your Windowsills

windowsil gardening

Windowsills gardens are a great way to enjoy a garden throughout the year without the concern of outdoor weather conditions. Place your garden kits on your window sills and you are good to go. Now, as windowsill gardening has emerged as a common thing, there are many types of windowsill gardens that you can cultivate. Starting with vegetables, flowers, succulents, herbs, one can choose any particular species of plants and create a garden.

4. Why waste your Kitchen or Bathroom Countertop?

Another commonly overlooked space that can be used for gardening is the countertop. Just because it is a kitchen does not mean that you have to only keep kitchenware, herbs, or other supplies. Instead, you can keep potted hydroponic herb plants, vegetables (tomato, green chilis, curry tree, fenugreek), or any other plants as well.

Think about it, you are cooking a very flavorsome paneer recipe and you need fresh tomatoes, your kitchen counter garden is the first place you will run to. Not only does this help you eat healthy and organic vegetables but, the kitchen counter garden gives a green and pleasant look to your house leaving a healthy aura.

Similarly, your bathroom countertop need not be filled with only bathroom essentials. Instead think of potted orchids, money plants, bamboo, aloe vera, peace lily, or ferns at the bathroom counter. Now imagine, coming back home from a tiresome day and enjoying the serenity of these plants while enjoying your bath and calming your nerves.

5. Inverted Bottle Garden

This is probably the easiest gardening idea that one can follow. All that you have to do is cut a bottle in half, invert it (let the bottle cap fall down)  and fill it with soil and sow seeds. Now the types of bottles you use and how you decorate them is your choice. This gives your bottle garden a personalized look and feel.


The aforesaid are a few of the tricks and ideas that can be referred to to bring your indoor garden into life. However, the most important point to be noted here is that to bring an indoor garden into life it is important to envision your garden first. Imagine what you want when you think of having an indoor garden and how you want it to complete the look and feel of your home. Once you have it ready, it gets easy for you to convert your balcony, walls, windowsills, or countertops into an oasis of plants with either beautiful flowers, herbs, succulent plants, or anything you wish to grow.