Experience the true definition of Luxury at Plumeria Drive, an Oasis of Tathawade!

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 25th January, 2020

Experience the true definition of Luxury at Plumeria Drive, an Oasis of Tathawade!

7 Plumeria Drive

Are you looking forward to buying a beautiful, luxurious, and heartwarming property in India? Before finalizing any other apartment in any other place, you must have a tour of this ravishing place called 7 Plumeria Drive located in Tathawade of Pune. It is a project by the Bhandari association and Namrata Group.

7 Plumeria Drive is located just five minutes away from Mumbai- Pune expressway. This place is very convenient for the business as well as service class individuals. From the kids to the old, every age group will find one or the other thing according to their area of interest at this place.

7 Plumeria Drive has apartments available from 1bkh to 4bkh. This place can indeed be compared to an oasis in a desert because of its greenery and eye capturing view. Living room, Bedrooms, Kitchens, bathrooms every corner of the apartment is spacious and uniquely designed by the world’s best architectures.

These apartments of ample size hold a beautiful view of the city. They are constructed to meet the need of the modern lifestyle and will meet your expectations. From gyms to playground, everything is built in a way that adds more to the beauty of this place. Just after taking a tour of 7 Plumeria Drive, you will fall head over heel for this lavishing place, which is close to nature.

This place is situated in the heart of the city and well connected with the other sites in the town. These high skyscrapers almost touch the sky and add a beautiful view to the city’s skyline. There are many amenities, including multiple sports facilities. After a long tiring day, you can go swimming in the humongous swimming pools to refresh yourself. Taking a morning walk in the beautiful garden of Plumeria Drive will fill your day with energy and peace.

The infrastructure of 7 Plumeria Drive is built to keep its residents safe and secure from natural calamities such as earthquakes. It also has other facilities, such as a multipurpose hall where one can host various social programs. You can also calm your mind and spend some time with you in the meditation area. It also has a library with a vast collection of books. You can also rent apartments and properties in this spectacular view holding place. The apartments are built with proper ventilation facility. The builders have also taken great care of the privacy of the people.

The elegant and stylish interior of these comfortable and luxurious apartments will make your mouth agape in awe.  The walls are well decorated with high-quality marble, tiles, and beautiful stones. Plumeria also has many water fountains and other eye-catching sights. You can also spend time entertaining yourself in the clubhouse playing various indoor games. All in all, if you are searching for your dream home in a place such as Pune, 7 Plumeria Drive is the best option available for you.