5 Gardening Ideas & Tips for a Small Balcony

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 17th November, 2020

If you live in a city, you may be yearning to connect with nature more often in your life. Although apartment living doesn’t often afford the luxury of green sit-outs and landscaped gardens you can work your way around. If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony, you may be wondering how to make the most out of your elevated outdoor space. A balcony is a great place to grab some fresh air, grow a garden, dine al fresco, and even take in a view without having to leave home.

You can use your balcony area to create a garden that doubles as a private space where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and reconnect with nature. It is on the balcony where you can peek at the open sky while getting some fresh air after a long day.

Let us run through some easy small balcony tips and gardening ideas that can transform your balcony into a chic garden space without spending too much.

 1. Artificial Turf

 Want to soak your bare feet in the grass? Even if it sounds unrealistic, you may get the feel of the grass lawn. How? You can lay some artificial green turf on your balcony. It will impart the looks of a freshly-mowed lawn without the hassle of maintenance! This is a handy trick for balconies as it’s easy to maintain, and doesn’t need watering.

You may create a garden hedge with equal-sized pots and plants around the turf.

 2. Use Plant Holders and Colourful Flower Pots

For that chic balcony garden don’t settle for plastic pots. Jazz up your balcony with plant holders. You get various options to choose from online now. These planters instantly elevate your balcony space, lending it a contemporary appeal. Besides, using plant holders will also allow you to bring metallic finishes and colour into your balcony without compromising on space reserved for plants. You may pick certain plants for the limelight and give each different height.

Flowerpots are a necessary evil in balcony garden tips, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Painted or patterned flowerpots add colour to your balcony without having to invest in fancy flowering plants. You may consider repurposing regular pots by painting them in vivid colours. If you can loosen your purse strings you may even get fancy pots online.


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3. Grow Creepers and Climbers / Vertical garden

Climbers play the role of wallpaper on the balcony. All you need are a few climbers and your good old balcony railings or wall. Use these to grow creepers and climbers. You may grow creepers with colourful flowers to add a dash of colour. This is especially useful in compact apartments or tightly-packed homes as they screen off your balcony from roving eyes without actually obstructing the view.

Not only are vertical gardens a great way to make your balcony private, but they are also brilliant space-savers. A vertical garden is an excellent idea for small space utilization. Building a vertical garden by installing wall planters or hanging plants is a great way to fit a lot of greenery into a small space. Create a vertical garden that offers privacy by adding hanging plants to a lattice (a structure consisting of strips of wood) or even a stand-alone wall that you can secure to your railing. A trellis planter box, which allows plants to grow up the woodwork, can also be a nice option. You may grow bushy potted plants, such as shrubs, or tall potted plants, such as snake grass that can block the view of nosey neighbours.

4. Vegetable/Herb Garden

Growing fresh herbs on your balcony give you easy access to flavorful ingredients. Herbs such as dill, coriander basil, etc are easy to grow and care for. When grown in containers that offer good drainage, many vegetables can thrive in balcony vegetable gardens. If you provide your plants with optimal sunlight and water, you can also expect that they will yield a significant amount of delicious veggies. Some easy container vegetables include beans, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, carrots, peppers, radishes, peas, etc.


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5. Mini Landscape

To add a landscape feature to your garden balcony, consider adding miniature fountains, pebbles, and garden gnomes. This idea is best executed in tandem with artificial turf-lined flooring, but it will work just as well if you dedicate a corner to it. You can consider adding lanterns or garden lighting to complete the look.

But don’t cover your entire railing in plants, you could choose to add a railing table. This space-saving technique can provide a convenient place to place a drink or even dine outside. If you have enough space for seating, consider adding multi-purpose furniture, such as seating that’s comfortable for a variety of activities, including eating, reading, and lounging.

A balcony garden is an opportunity to be creative and to construct a space that adds value to your life. Whether you’re looking to grow some of your food, have a nice place to relax, dine outside, or take in the view, a balcony can make this dream a reality. So here’s your handy guide for garden planting, get going now!