Floor Lamp Ideas-Your Handy Guide for a Brighter Home

  • Posted by: Sahir
  • 06th January, 2022

Having lights in your home make it beautiful, a sight to behold. Not only does light provide visibility, but it also sets the mood inside your home. Using modern home interior ideas with floor lamps is what interior specialists also recommend when you want to transform the look of your homes. Home lighting is an interior-essential – it structures the room, enlarges it, makes it more alive and cheerful. It is, therefore, an integral component in the different spaces of any 1 & 2 BHK homes.

A floor lamp is one of the most important light elements of a home. A floor lamp is a part of the design of a room. However, it’s important to understand what you need from a floor lamp before making a choice. There are many different types of floor lamp ideas like those that come with drum-shaped shades or conical ones, all of which look very smart and help in complimenting all the features in your home easily.

Let us look at some interesting floor lamp ideas for living room.

Types of Floor Lamps

The floor lamp is a decorative element in its own right. There are many unique living room floor lamp ideas that will decorate your home beautifully by giving it a personality.

  • Arc floor lamp

An arc lamp offers you both style and functionality. The arc floor lamp is made from different materials and you also have options in some lamps where you can adjust the length of the stands. This lamp can work in most types of settings where you need to read. It provides focused light at the location you want to read. One thing you don’t get with the arc lamp is that there is no surface you can keep your books or magazines on.


Floor Lamp Ideas


One of the popular types of arc lamps is those made with steel. These are usually for modern settings.

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  • Tripod Floor Lamp

The tripod of your lamp can be made with many materials including steel, plastic, or even wood. This type of lamp has 3 stands for your lamp. It’s suitable for use in the living room and your study area. It lacks a surface you can place your books on which means you need a table or another surface for that.


Floor Lamp Ideas


  • Floor lamp with end table

There are floor lamps that combine what you have with a traditional table and a table lamp. These floor lamps provide an adequate surface you can place your book or magazines and also a storage space beneath the surface where you can keep the books.


Floor Lamp Ideas


  • Glass tray floor lamp

This lamp gives you most of what you have with the combination of a table and a table lamp. The glass tray floor lamp provides a glass surface on the stand where you can place your book. It is particularly useful for pleasure reading in the bedroom, living room, or even outside the house.


Floor Lamp Ideas


The stand is made of different materials like steel, wood, etc. Apart from being a good reading lamp, it also improves the beauty of any room it’s placed.

  • Twin-branched floor lamp

To impart a classy and boho chic touch to your living room, you may keep a twin-branched floor lamp. The lamp will surely bring a lot of elegance to your space from its surprising and sober line. This lamp will perfectly go with any decor and will highlight the beauty of any space.


Floor Lamp Ideas


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  • Bold Color floor lamp with a shelf

To add a minimalistic touch to your living room, go for a bold color floor lamp. The shelf space can be best optimized by placing a succulent, a tiny flower vase, or a decorative piece.


Floor Lamp Ideas


Where to put floor lamp in living room

There are many locations for your lamps in your living room. This depends on the type of lamp you’re using and the type of design you want to create in your living room. What are some common locations?

Behind the chair : For any arc lamp, you may find a suitable place behind the chair.

Beside the chair : Most people choose this place for keeping lamps like the glass tray floor lamp. You can use these lamps for reading and place your books on the surface.

Beside the window : If you have large windows that stretch from floor to ceiling, you can have your lamps beside the window.

As you can see, the floor lamp is vital to your home decor. It brings the essential final touch to all rooms and elevates your interior. It should be chosen with care depending on various elements such as style, functionality, and the quality of the light diffused. Choosing a floor lamp for decorating your luxury flats requires a lot of thought. Placing it in the correct position requires even more thought. Getting these wrong could make your living room look like a soulless mismatch of different elements.

These were some stunning floor lamp ideas for a living room that will easily flatter your home with their illuminating magic. You can build on any of these ideas and create a unique living room experience.