Most Popular Home Décor Trends in 2021 – All You Need to Know

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 25th March, 2021

As we are leaping quickly to the new year, it’s time to give a makeover to your home sweet home too. Each year and its seasons bring with it various decor trends that create a style statement for the home and approved by people all across the globe. Here are some trends that will just set the right trends in decor for the year 2021.

Must-try Home Decor Trends in 2021

  • Copper Decor

copper decor

The decor style will be dominated by copper this coming year. Be it wall hanging, candle stands, table lamps, or any other decor item, copper material and color are said to rule the decor trend. So just add pretty copper decorative to your home decor and make your place look updated.

  • Minimalistic Furniture

minimalistic furniture

When the apartment sizes are shrinking, the furniture segment is also undergoing a drastic reformation. Now furniture is being tailor-made to fit into the modern houses occupying less space and being high on utility. Space-saving nightstands and multi-purpose cabinets are some of the popular choices for the coming year.

  • Acrylic Decor

There is nothing more beautiful and trending than acrylic decor and furniture. This creates more visual space inside the house and makes the space look appealing and futuristic. The next level of furnishing is here and be sure to include some of it in your decor.

  • Indoor Vines

indoor vines

An apt way to make your room look fresh and lively, all you need to do is to get the indoor vines into your home decor. Put it inside the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or living room- you will see how your private den will look fresh and also radiate good vibes into the house.

  • Navy Blue Interiors

navy blue Interior

Among all the poppy bright colors and all-white pass, the decor looks like a new color is trending; Navy Blue. Not only for decoration purposes, but even the furniture with a hint of navy blue is doing well in the market. Upholstery in this color or painting the furniture blue is the call of the time and makes you updated on-trend.

  • Rounded Furniture Trend

rounded furniture trend

The last decade was all about the furniture adhering to the clean straight lines and curves. However, this trend is making a comeback in 2021 with the return of round silhouettes and shapely legs. The easiest way of using this trend is by picking a chair with a round back and consoles with shapely legs arranged neatly around your table. To add additional charm, thrown in a circular rug and you are now a trendsetter.

  • The Grandmillenial Trend

Grandmillenials are a new breed of traditionalists among the millennials who like to collect things from the past and layer the home with them, in an attempt to express themselves. Such a home will include many seemingly archaic elements that are also a part of the home owner’s personal collection. This menagerie of relevant influences from the past can make a home interior stand out.

  • Bring the Retro Back to 2021

retro home decor

The richy eighties are still the best way to look back on every aspect of life. The glamour, bling, and glitz are now back. Be it the disco lights, the architectural breaks, bringing retro elements into your decor can set a trendsetter and make your home look glamorous and glitzy.


We think that decor trends and upcoming trends are something that you cannot miss. However, while you decide to pick one of the aforesaid trends (or any) use your own imagination to understand which one will look best and suit your home. And while redecorating your home, give enough time and get the details right so that your creativity gets the best out of you and the result is better than what you anticipated.