The Magic of Namrata WOW Talegaon Home Fest

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 10th March, 2020

Namrata WOW Talegaon Home Fest

The Magic of Namrata WOW Talegaon Home Fest

Namrata Group is proud to be a renowned, trusted and admired real estate brand. Since last 4 decades, The Group has been at the forefront of fulfilling dreams of families looking to upgrade to a better lifestyle. Especially in Talegaon, Namrata has been the pioneer in bringing in the new change movement in housing market. Standing true to its tradition and to augment the immense contribution in the same region, The Group has now introduced a one-of-its-kind bouquet of fabulous offers! It’s magic is making wonders in Talegaon & vicinity…

Every offer is a soothing relief

Namrata Group has been watchful & vigilant in Talegaon region. And for that matter in the entire gamut of property markets in Pune & Mumbai. Needless to say The Group perceptively knows the concerns and grief of the aspiring homebuyers. After carefully analyzing them and on the basis of a thorough research, the prudent management team of The Group has come up with this idea of home fest. Every offer integrated in this fest, is not only a soothing relief for you but it actually adds up to your financial convenience. And thus brings in precious smile on your face too!

The source was the Big Data

Today Big Data is the ocean of knowledge from where topnotch brands derive insights and take concrete steps to maximize business. We used the same trick and thus have arrived at this set of offers. The data shows that an unimaginably huge number of homebuyers are on the lookout of buying a home in Talegaon. The data also reveals the possible reasons that deprive them from completing their dream. Inadequacy of funds has been the major cause. And there were several other hidden facts that collectively were telling a story. Namrata Group not only considerately understood this story but in fact as a gamechanger they took a firm step towards solving all the problems of buyers. Namrata WOW Talegaon Home Fest is a path-breaking concept that would revolutionaize the process of homebuying in the region.

Save lakhs, pay easily at your convenience and enjoy value-added fringe benefits also!

In due course of our interaction we shall discuss the offers at length. But just to give you an idea, the total savings collectively amount to as great as 12% of the total property cost. You don’t believe? Read on…Stamp duty and registration has been waved off. In addition to this there is no GST. Effectively all these government taxes in totality make up 8% to 9% of the unit cost. So you would save on that! Plus you would also get rent till possession. And there are convenient schemes for making your own contribution too. So by & large you end up saving up to 12% and this is huge in terms of flats ranging from 12 L to 50 L. Over & above these there are group booking offers also and referral bonus too!

Want to make the most of it? Follow these steps –

  • Visit any Namrata Group’s Talegaon project.
  • From compact 1 RK to palatial villament the options are aplenty.
  • Choose from Namrata Happycity Talegaon, Namrata Happycity Varale, Namrata Aikonic & Namrata Ecocity 2.0
  • Talk to the experienced sales advisors of Namrata Group and tell them your entire story including your problems & deficits
  • Namrata Group advisors will work out a strategic solution for you, immediately act upon that
  • Make your choice crystal clear and then simply pay the booking amount

Leave all your worries to Namrata Group

Come forward and talk to our advisors. The Home Fest has received a mammoth response and families are flocking on sites in big numbers. So don’t be left out. Visit immediately. Remember…Offer closes on 25th of March!