Top 5 Summer Interior Themes to Make Your Home more Stylish

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 03rd March, 2021

Summers are here and we are ready to face the sun in the most stylish manner, so why shouldn’t our homes be? Confused about how and where to start this? Worry not we are here to help you out as we list the best 5 summer interior themes. Here are the top 5 summer interior themes to make your home even more stylish and also keep your place look cool.

Top 5 Interior Themes


1. Go Green Theme

What would be better than including indoor plants and flowers all around the house and breathing fresh air? This will not only add natural beauty but also keep the house very cool. When you enter the home after a hard tiring day, these flowers will cheer you up with their fragrance and bright colors. Aloe, jade plant, English Ivy, Spider plant, peperomia, etc. are some plants that you can buy to make your home go green and eco-friendly.

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2. Coastal Theme

Everybody wants to run to the beaches in the summers. But that is not possible every time, so how about recreating the view of sand, surfs and sea at your home? Seems exciting? But it is not just about stuffing your abode with shells, pearls, and anchors, and all those things that remind you of the sea. It involves choosing the color and decor items that go in sync with the theme. Choose a basic blue or a white tone and highlight it with colors of the sky, sand and include decor pieces that will create a spectacular view of the coastal area right before you- every time you step into your home. To make it look even more exotic, you can even place a hammock at the corner of the garden area or the balcony.

Interior Themes


3. Breezy Theme

This theme will make your home look airy and breezy- that’s just perfect for the home in the summers. For this choose light-colored furniture and furnishing, in the tones of white, blue and green and include sheer curtains. Deck up the doors and windows in sheer in solid colors or striped for that relaxed feel when at home. Make sure you ventilate the house well in the evenings to create that airy feel.

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4. The Burst of Sunshine

How about coloring your home with a burst of sunshine? Choose orange as the balancing color with your existing decor. Paint one wall with orange or include some throws, cushions, and paintings in orange color and give a zing to your decor. Just a tip: Don’t go boom on orange, just play smartly.

5. All White Decor

You can never go wrong with all white. Place furniture, furnishings, and decor items in white and give your home a peaceful and serene look. You can choose accessories in bright and peppy colors and give them a vibrant feel.