Buying a house? Follow these new house traditions!

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  • 09th April, 2019

New House Traditions

Buying a house? Follow these new house traditions!

A house becomes a home when people live inside these four walls and make them their own. New house traditions are many across the world. Some of them operate on superstition whereas some are simply traditional. Here are some new house traditions you can follow for a happy, healthy home:

  1. Prepare a housewarming meal and host a housewarming party. This way, all your loved ones and friends can bring positivity in your new home.
  2. Light a candle or a diya to bring in the light and with that, prosperity.
  3. Bring food with you when you move inside. It can be something as simple as a box of sweet but having food in the house is also a symbol of abundance and healthy life.
  4. Pick a favourable time to enter the house. It is believed that if you move to a new house on a favourable time, the family will have an easy life away from struggles.
  5. Decorate your main door with flowers, torans etc. before you enter the house.
  6. Adorne the floor of your new house or the entry space with bright, colourful rangoli. This not only shows that this is a happy occasion but also brings in joy.

These new house traditions are performed to bring good luck, prosperity and abundance to the family who lives in this house. These new house traditions are beliefs that people follow all over the world before the move into a new house.

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