5 Reasons to Invest in Hinjewadi
  • Posted by: Prachi Shah
  • 30th October, 2018

Invest in Hinjewadi

5 Reasons to Invest in Hinjewadi

Hinjewadi is a flourishing suburb of Pune that has become a major IT hub of the country. Right now is definitely a good time to invest in Hinjewadi since it is developing rapidly.

IT and ITes Companies

Hinjewadi has become one of major IT hubs in Pune. It has companies like Wipro, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Tata Technologies, etc. The IT and ITes companies occupy 85% of office space in Hinjewadi. Hinjewadi is responsible for 60% of Maharashtra’s total IT exports and currently employs more than 400,000 professionals. The IT sector has given a huge boost to the real estate market which will only grow in the future. (www.newsbarons.com)


Hinjewadi is a part of Pune which is a thriving city. It is next to Balewadi and Baner which are well-developed suburbs of Pune. It is very close to the Pune Mumbai expressway as well as the Pune Bangalore Bypass and is in proximity to Mumbai. It is located amidst scenic surrounding and greenery. It has strategic as well as beautiful location which is why many people are choosing to invest in Hinjewadi.


Hinjewadi is well connected with well developed physical infrastructure. It has accessible public transport and well made roads. After the introduction of the IT-ITes policy by the Maharashtra government in the 2000s, Hinjewadi saw a massive shift in development. It grew by leaps and bounds as companies began to invest in the area and today has great infrastructure which is improving daily. This in turn increased the real estate value as well. The demand for houses increased which led to the growth of various housing projects in Hinjewadi.

New Properties

Since the development of Hinjewadi is quite recent, most of the properties here are fairly new. This means, that when you invest in Hinjewadi, you can expect modern designs, stylish apartments with airy and spacious rooms. There are various new properties that offer houses for families of all sizes and budgets.

Promising Future

Hinjewadi already has 3 Phases in the IT sector with a proposed Phase 4 as well. As the IT sector will grow, it will generate more employment opportunities which will lead to more migration and demand for homes. Thus, this is the right time to invest in Hinjewadi since the future is bright and will surely give you good returns.


If you are looking to make a beneficial investment, then you must surely look at Hinjewadi as an option.

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