Weekend spots around Talegaon

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  • 17th April, 2018
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Weekend spots around Talegaon


Jadhav wadi Dam

You just have to cross the Navlakh Umbre hill station. It’s serene and quite an ideal location to visit with peace loving friends.

The road up to the dam from main road is rough. So, you could probably enjoy some adventure sport of sorts here!

Sky Waltz Balloon Safari

Sky Waltz is India’s first licensed Hot Air Balloon Company. It adheres to international safety standards with experienced international pilots.  This means you can enjoy all the thrill without any real goose bumps! Lower your gaze and let your eyes feast through those mesmerising valleys, soak your soul in the lakes spread below, feel as light as a feather as you float through the skies along with vibrant colours.

The dam is situated near Navlakh Umbre after crossing the Talegaon MIDC,.

Bhandara Dongar- Bhandara mountain is also quite close by from here.


Induri Fort

Induri fort is a relatively small fort constructed in the early 1700s by Sarsenapati Sardar Khanderao Dabhade. The fort is mostly in ruins and full of overgrown bushes, but it still is a good place to visit for an evening. Located in Talegaon on the banks of the Indrayani river, the evening scene from the fort is very picturesque. There is a temple of Goddess Kadjai inside the fort. This temple has been restored/painted and is in a good condition, regularly visited by the locals.

Induri Fort: This fort is inside e Talegaon town. Once you drive inside, you just might miss the walls/entrance, but if you come from the highway across the bridge, you will see the fort walls as you cross the bridge. You can take the small diversion to this fort whenever you have around 30-45 minutes to spare when you are in this area.

Birla Ganpati:  A dream project by Shri Mangal Moorati Moorya (Ganesh Idol) has been a dream project of Basant Kumar Birla and Sarala Birla, this could be one of the tallest Ganesh idol you could have ever seen.  The beautifully sculpted idol of Ganesha, stands towering on a hillock astride the Pune-Mumbai express and NH-4.

Japalouppe equestrian centre:

This equestrian centre is a treasure of heavenly delight for kids and adults alike with its fascinating wild life. Horses, donkeys, monkeys, mules, goats, sheep, turtles,  dogsparrots, rabbits, hare, a piglet, love birds, turkeys, roosters, emus, ducks, geese… you name it, and you would find it there!  The place is real fun, especially for the kids. There is a Machan or observation deck around the equestrian area and also a ladder to let kids and grownups climb a tree.

So, next time you are hunting for a picnic spot near Pune or Mumbai, you know where to head!

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