Real Estate Market Trends in Pune for the Year 2021

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 26th May, 2021

Real estate investors and homebuyers are looking to upsize as they get to spend time at home more and are looking to invest in services that could potentially bring the quality of life without compromising on the luxury quotient. This customer demand has risen due to a home experience that is larger than life in terms of everything they (customers/investors) want. For example, with the WFH and lockdown (partial) phenomena going on everywhere, it is assumed that there will be a robust demand for properties that can serve as catch-all compounds, live-work experiences, and offers a resort-like experience. Considering this trend, the real estate developers are now looking forward to new trends that might soon hit the market. In this blog let us discuss few such trends that can go popular this year.

Real Estate Trends in Pune (2021)

2021 will unquestionably be a positive year for the real estate Pune. Here are a couple of significant patterns that will prompt the development of the division.

  • Buying Homes For Self Consumption

buying homes for self consumption

If anything this pandemic has taught us the importance of having a home for self and it shouldn’t necessarily be near the office (as many companies are willing to give their employees permanent permission to work from home). Thus, chances are high that people will start looking for homes to buy away from the busy city life and more inclination towards community life, gated society apartments, etc.

  • Live & Work Community

live and work community

The fact that the work from home model is becoming a business strategy among many businesses around the world. Hence a trend might come to light wherein people will want co-working spaces within the society they live in while being able to maintain social distance (if another pandemic is ever to strike the world). As a matter of fact, many best construction companies in Pune (considering how the real estate market here is growing profoundly) are already talking about developing co-working spaces either inside the gated society or close to their residential projects.

  • Both private and business divisions to develop

2021 has an incredible potential for both private and commercial real estate businesses. Over the most, a couple of years, the workplace space picked up footing in many urban areas with IT/ITeS players adding to the lion’s share of the leases. Likewise, the warehousing area will pick up the foundation. Quick urbanization and cushy relocation will guarantee stable development for the business division, which thus will convert into a higher private interest.

  • Suburban areas to get more footing

Pune’s real estate market has seen a consistent ascent sought after for homes, and we are idealistic that this pattern is set to proceed in FY21 also. The affordable lodging portion will further increase the demand in the real estate market in Pune.

  • Co-living and cooperating spaces will keep on rising

There has been a massive change in the purchasing conduct of clients. They are increasingly disposed towards co-living areas that are progressively unique when contrasted with the standard leased space. Then again, the ascent in the gig economy prompted appeal in collaborating spaces in significant urban communities.

  • Innovation reshaping

Smart tech and development in the division is never again a distant future. Regarding construction, the key players will adjust to the most recent innovation – data gathering, and AI, which will assume an essential job in rethinking the real division in Pune, India. With improving the nature of development, the innovation will likewise help support the opportune fulfillment of the undertakings. Keen homes will keep on being the selection of clients. The Pune real estate market will tap this space with ambitious projects and, as indicated by industry appraises.

  • Sustainable living will be broadly acknowledged

Well, everybody is supporting green innovation. This will keep on developing with developers, concentrating on innovative headways in getting crude materials that are eco-accommodating and economic structures that are condition delicate. The clients, too, are settling on savvy homes, which clear a path for a reasonable living.

  • Extravagance lodging will be reclassified

The general idea of extravagance lodging will observe a significant move influenced by the requests of the new age home purchasers. The extravagance lodging will advance to suit a comprehensive and raised living experience that the designers will need to incorporate. This particular trend will attract a great number of real estate developers, hoteliers, and even customers thus revolutionizing the real estate investment trend throughout the country.


The past few years have brought changes in the real estate market with an expanded spotlight on straightforwardness and client centricity by both developers and governments. The administrative structure has recovered the trust in the industry. Additionally, the efficient usage of the administration changes will help in reviving customer assumptions, which will, in the end, push the development of single fragments in the coming quarters. We anticipate that the New Year 2021 should be more than promising for developers and home purchasers, where the growth is driven by the positive change in the biological business system.