Keep Your House Clean By Following These New Year Resolutions

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  • 05th January, 2020

Keep Your House Clean By Following These New Year Resolutions

Clean House

Make a different new year resolution this year. If your house is messy and your friends are scared of visiting you, then it is time to fix a few things here and there. A new year resolution of keeping the house clean will put your woes to an end. Check them out right now and write them on the wall, if that is what it takes.

New year resolutions to make your house look squeaky clean

1. De-clutter the spaces

Start with de-cluttering the rooms. Make a list of the things that you use regularly and the things that remain unused or are used like once in a month or so. Chuck all the things that are seldom used in the cabinets and wardrobes. Don’t toss them in but arrange them neatly. Now focus on the things that are of daily or regular use. Arrange them neatly on the table and in the open spaces. Do not clutter the cupboards, wardrobes, and cabinets with these things. De-clutter the rooms in this manner, and you will find that you are almost half done with the cleaning.

2. Clean the surfaces

Is your office desk a nasty mess? Is the coffee table splattered with stains and cigar ash? It is time to make the surfaces shine. Put on the cleaning gloves and scrub the tables, desks, and every other open surface in the rooms with liquid soap. Please make a new year resolution to clean stains and spills instantly instead of making them accumulate. The tabletops will gleam in the dark.

3. Spare ten minutes every day for cleaning and scrubbing

Cleaning and scrubbing do not take any more than five to ten minutes if you do so every day. So, spare a few minutes every day before going to bed at night. Put everything away and stack the clothes neatly. De-clutter the room every day so that the mess does not accumulate. Clean the bed, throw the trash away and sleep well through the night only to wake up to a clean and tidy room the next day.

4. Maintain a donation box

If you have a horde of things that you do not need anymore, like clothes that no longer fit, bottles that you don’t use anymore, outdated winter wear, and more, then it is time to do a little bit of charity. Prepare a donation box and toss everything in. Throw in a few good things too. Don’t just stick to clothes, because there may be things in your office room and kitchen also that you don’t need anymore. Donate the contents of the charity box to the needy. Your house will look so much cleaner without them, and the ones who need will smile too.

5. Put the clothes away neatly

Ignore your weariness and spare a few minutes to keep the clothes neatly in the closet. Don’ toss them on the chair or stuff them into the closet. Fold the clothes and use the hangers too. You will be surprised at how organized the closet looks after tidying the clothes.

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