Flats In Kamshet Are Perfect For The Adventure And Nature Lover In You

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  • 16th March, 2020

Flats In Kamshet Are Perfect For The Adventure And Nature Lover In You

Flats In Kamshet


Do you cherish a love for the mysteries of nature? Do you want to indulge your love for adventure on weekends and office vacations? If so, then pack your bags and move into one of the flats of Kamshet, Pune, to spend the rest of your life in the lap of nature. Contact the trusted and authentic builders of Namrata Group today to buy a beautiful and affordable apartment in Kamshet.

Revel in the luxury of nature in flats in Kamshet

Kamshet is a picturesque village in Pune. The village is famous as a paragliding destination for travelers from all over the world. Despite the fame, Kamshet is a quiet and quaint region where natural bliss reigns supreme. Move into one of the new homes in Kamshet, Pune today, to luxuriate the beauty of nature and adventure.

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1. Go camping at Pawna Lake

Treat your carefree soul with camping by the blue waters of the beautiful Pawna Lake. The lake is about 17km from Kamshet. Arrange a delightful family picnic and spend the night under the sky. Rolling green hills surround the lake and lend a stunning view to the camping site. A weekend at Pawna lake will fill your hearts to the brim with peace and wonder.


flats in Kamshet


2. Have fun at the Bedsa Caves

Drive for about half an hour from Kamshet to reach the scenic Bedsa Caves. The caves comprise of Buddhist rock-cut structures, which make for a panoramic view during sunrise. Witness the play of golden sunbeams in the arches of the Bedsa Caves during sunrise. It is best if you visit the caves during the monsoon rise to take in the views of the lush greenery.


flats in Kamshet


3. Trek to the steep Tikona Fort

Kamshet is pretty close to the Tikona Fort, so it won’t take long for you to reach there. The fort lies at the top of a towering mountain. Strap on your trekking gear and climb to the peak of the Tikona Fort. Drink in the dramatic views of Kathingad, Pawna Lake, and Lohagad from atop the Fort. Don’t worry about too much strain, because the trek is quite easy, as most travelers say.


flats in Kamshet


4. Enjoy the fabulous experience of paragliding

Pune denizens and Mumbaikars do not miss the slightest opportunity to travel to Pune for the terrific paragliding experience. If for nothing else, then for paragliding, you must move into one of the apartments at Kamshet. If you are a beginner at paragliding, then seek help from the trainers at Kamshet. The place is abounding with well-trained and highly experienced trainers and pilots who will guide you through the paragliding session.


flats in Kamshet


DO not miss the wild and fascinating experience of soaring high above the scenic Western Ghats. Admire the views of the cotton clouds and the sun-kissed hills while gliding across the blue sky. Fall in love with the beauties of nature.

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Move into one of the beautiful apartments of Kamshet. Enjoy every weekend amid nature after moving into the most beautiful village of Pune with your family. Let the lakes, hills, caves, and forts of Kamshet stir your adventurous soul. Buy a flat in Pune and leave a happy life.