5 Trending Monsoon Home Décor Tips to Follow During Rainy Season

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 26th April, 2021

We all are done with summers and eagerly want the monsoons to start. What a sight it would be to see the dry and parched earth soaking in the rains and reviving its true colors. The cloudy skies will bring the temperature down and relieve us from this scorching heat. We should all welcome the rains by making ourselves and our abode all set for the pouring season.

But, the downpour of rain will not only require you to carry an umbrella at all times but also take care of your home as well. The reason behind this is, during these (visibly) gloomy days, with the sun playing spoilsport there is a rise in the growth of algae, fungus, leaking roofs, wet patches on walls, wooden furniture, and doors; thus spoiling the look and feel of your home. Thus, monsoon calls for the need to take special care of your home.  Now, answering your question about how to take special care of your homes, check out the below-mentioned points (easily applicable) and prevent your home from feeling gloomy.

5 Tips to Prevent Your Home from Feeling Gloomy

1. Inject Colors into the Decor

colorful home

When the dull skies make your mood go gray, all you need is some bright interior accents! Just rob in some cushions, pillows, decor accents and rugs, and other decor items in pop color, and you are sorted for the rainy season. Up for some more inspiration? Hang those colorful plates that don’t have a set now on the wall and play with a variety of colors, styles, and textures. Pastels are for summers. When it’s pouring, try including some pop colors like orange, red pinks, and greens to add some zest to your home.

2. Pack those Luxurious Fabrics Inside

pack luxurious fabrics inside

When there is water everywhere, your home is prone to get wet and damp. Therefore it is a safe option to pack those luxurious fabrics and make some room for cotton curtains, cotton rugs, and throws. Moreover, the bling does not go very well with the monsoon decor, so it’s time to hide them away in the closet and replace them with fabrics that do not absorb moisture from the air and remain damp always.

3. Rearrange Furniture for better Ventilation

It is better to make the home monsoons ready. Pull the furniture away from the walls- that serves 2 purposes. First, it will create a cozy sitting space while you sip tea/coffee with your loved ones when it’s pouring outside, and secondly, when you take the furniture away from the windows and doors, it will make the rooms better ventilated and lighted and lessen the chances of it getting wet.

4. Bring Nature in

indoor planting

While it looks spectacular outside when everything gets washed in the rains, how about creating a splendid green view indoors too? Invest in some exclusive pots and bring all the plants and place them in the corners. It will not only remove foul odors from the house but also infuse positive energy and vibes.

5. Arrange for Quality Doormats and Baskets Outside

door mat

You certainly don’t want to get that water and dirt inside your home. You need to invest in a basket that can hold your wet raincoats and umbrellas at the doorstep and a good doormat that can absorb the slush water right at the doorstep.

Apart from these the best way to get rid of a gloomy interior is by painting a few bright colors. These colors will enhance your walls and keep you energetic throughout the season. Some of these colors are:

  • Turquoise: The most luxurious color of the season, turquoise is the color that symbolizes monsoon quite closely. A color that’ll fill you with warmth, it’s one of the most commonly used monsoon colors. You can get curtains, accessories, wallpapers, covering, and cushions in turquoise. This color can really transform your entire home into something extremely luxurious
  • Green: Green is a color that is soothing as well as calm. A bright color like this would help you cope up with the rather dull and depressing weather outside. The lush greenery around would surely motivate you to use this color in your interiors. Green can also be used for your kitchen area. You can bring small accessories, cushions, bed covers, sheets, and mattresses in this shade.
  • Orange and Yellow: These colors would help you create a lively ambiance in a pretty dull environment. Plus, you get a unique decor through these colors. One great way of using these colors in your interiors is by bringing some fresh flowers in the shade of yellow and orange. I am sure you would be able to find the flowers in these colors very easily. On the kitchen counters, you can install brightly colored mats in these two colors.


With the skies being overcast and portraying a dull and damp mood, being indoors embraced within bright colors will not only give your home a bright look but will also keep your health intact. Apart from these, taking care of your home from the dampness, wetness, the fungus will keep you and your family healthy. Welcoming monsoon need not be gloomy, instead decorate and repaint your home to make it look more welcoming, bright, and fresh.