Talegaon: Your post-retirement heaven

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 19th September, 2021

Retirement Home

Feel reborn at Talegaon!  

Salubrious, serene and scenic; Talegaon is an irresistible destination to spend an ideal post retirement destination.

After a fruitful professional life, what you look for is a rewarding retired life. Now you want to enjoy your earned leisure in a laid back yet energetic way. Well, it’s time you chose Talegaon with eyes closed!

  • Centrally located: Talegaon is centrally located between Pune and Mumbai. This means a short travel time. So, whether you choose to travel to Pune or Mumbai, the journey would be enjoyable!
  • Pleasant climate and fresh air: The atmosphere of Talegaon is infused with temperate climate and pure air. This ensures a healthy life. Imagine a quiet, long morning walk in the golden sunshine. Besides, you can rely on the renowned hospitals for your regular checkups and medical assistance.
  • Enjoy the company of your loved ones: Your children, grandchildren and relatives would love your second home at Talegaon.
  • Well-developed social infrastructure: The social infrastructure here includes malls, multiplexes, restaurants, hospitals and gyms. So, all your daily needs would be taken care of. Talegaon has got everything to keep you healthy and happy.
  • A flourishing industrial zone: It’s a high volume industrial zone. Hence, the pace of development here is quite rapid. This would make Talegaon an extremely crucial commercial and tourist hub.
  • World class education: Talegaon houses renowned world class educational institutes. So, should your grandchildren take admission of one of those, they can happily stay with you…and you would be only happier!

All this makes this satellite city a most lucrative investment option. This post-retirement heaven would bring you all the bliss!


By now, you must have zeroed in on Talegaon as your post-retirement destination. Now, the next step is choosing a home as beautiful! Check out our lovely options, and take your pick!