Staying close to Talegaon railway station

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 20th September, 2021

staying close to railway station

Staying close to Talegaon railway station – It’s something to be experienced!

Your reverie of staying near railway station can now get real, easily.  Talegaon railway station is just 1.5 kms away from a few prestigious residential projects here.

  • A wider horizon of opportunities thrown open: Commuting from Talegaon to Pune or Mumbai is quite convenient. So, if you find a promising career in Pune or even Mumbai, go ahead! Commuting daily to these places for a job is as easy as a cake walk… thanks to Talegaon railway station. Now,if you think that the distance should not be an insurmountable deterrent to the best career opportunities; go for a home close to Talegaon railway station and put your career on the fast track.


  • No need of the gym regime:5 km. is a good stretch for your daily walk. Multiply it by 2- once from your home to the railway station in the morning while going to office and then again from the railway station to your home in the evening. This is how you can walk your way to a healthy lifestyle! They say, walking releases your ‘happy’ hormones too! So, stay fit and be happy!


  • A railway station close to your home means great social infrastructure: The place like a railway station invites good restaurants, malls, multiplexes, hospitals etc. So, in case you want to grab a quick bite before catching the train or visit your grocer or laundry before going home in the evening, you can do that without planning too much in advance.


  • Give your 100% to your workplace and family: Since all your commuting worries are taken absolute care of, it would leave your mind totally stress-free. This would automatically let you concentrate on your work in office…and devote the rest of your time to your family.

We have fascinating options of homes for you that are just at 1.5 KM from Talegaon railway station.