Bedroom Decor Ideas and Design Tips for Small Bedrooms Makeover

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 26th October, 2020

Many of us imagine our dream bedroom having a large walk-in closet, a king-size bed with a canopy, giant windows that let in plenty of sunlight, and enough storage space for every one of your belongings to have a spot. City homes are usually riddled with small spaces and compact living. Inspite of living in luxury homes, if you’re struggling with how much space you have in your bedroom, you’re not alone.

Fortunately, there are plenty of small bedroom design tips that you can try to give a larger look to your bedroom. Whether you’re moving to a new place or just want to upgrade, here are few décor ideas and layout tips to get you started.

Tricks to Maximize Space in a Tiny Bedroom

1. Consider Light Coloured Walls

Believe it or not, the colours you choose for your walls can transform the way the size of your small room looks. As opposed to dark colours that absorb light, lighter and softer colours reflect the light, which will help your room seem brighter and roomier. Light colours like whites and pastels give your walls a makeover that open up the space. This tip applies to both the paint colours you choose for your walls as well as your furniture and decor! If a lighter colour is used for trim (wall edges) than the walls, it creates a sort of optical illusion; your eyes perceive an added depth!

In fact choosing different shades of the same colour scheme for your walls, furniture, and even your rug creates a sense of unity throughout the space. Visual coherence tricks your mind into perceiving the space in a small room as being more open. If you choose a wallpaper of horizontal stripe design, it visually lengthens and widens a narrow bedroom while vertical stripes would create the effect of a high ceiling.

2. Flooring Ideas

Choose marble, vitrified tiles or porcelain tiles in neutral colours; these will add an element of brightness within the bedroom. You may avoid materials like laminated wooden flooring and carpet tiles as these materials impart a visually heavy look.

3.      Efficient Layout

The layout of the bedroom should be such that the position of the bed ensures good overall circulation space to move around. Also, less furniture or multifunctional pieces that serve a dual-purpose are ideal for the bedroom.

4.      Add Built-in Storage

Create built-in storage options within a small bedroom so it won’t take too much floor space. These could include built-in shelves, headboards with built-in storage, box beds, hydraulic beds, and a window seat with storage and so on.

5. Place mirrors in critical spots

One of the best small bedroom ideas is to use mirrors to open up the space. Mirrors give the impression of a larger room and also reflect light, making darker areas look more luminous. To create the illusion of space, attach a floor-length mirror to an area of the wall that doesn’t get much light or to the doors of your wardrobe; as long as the mirror faces a clutter-free corner of the room, the effect will be instantly noticeable. Or, to make your bedroom seem more open and bright, take advantage of natural light by hanging a mirror opposite a window or placing a mirror behind a light source.



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6.      Curtains

Hang ceiling-to-floor curtains as they can make a space seem taller. Avoid heavy drapes; Choose cotton or linen materials that match with the wall paint. You may also use blinds.

7.      Keep the Bedding Simple

The bedding must not have bold and heavy patterns as they make a small bedroom feel smaller and claustrophobic. For a clean and simple look, introduce light coloured fabrics that match the colour scheme of the bedroom too.

8.      No contrast

Minimise contrast; avoid using too many colours. Pick different shades of the same colour.

9.      Install Floating Shelves

Introduce open shelves displaying books and paint the shelves in the same colour as the wall paint.

10.  De-clutter

An organised, clutter-free and minimalist bedroom looks visually bigger than what it actually is. Make it a habit to de-clutter and organise your wardrobes or closets regularly otherwise the bedroom will feel overcrowded. Remove extra pieces of furniture from the room and do not crowd the walls with too many photographs or paintings.

11.  Furniture

Buying furniture for a small bedroom can be tough because you’re limited on space. Having as little furniture as possible is one of the cornerstones of small bedroom design. You want to save as much space as you can, so avoid clunky items even if they offer a bit of extra storage. Keep the furniture height short. Yes you read right. If you keep you keep your furniture short and low to the ground, there will be more space left towards the top of the room which makes the ceiling seems higher!

12. Use furniture with exposed legs

Furniture with exposed legs will make any room look bigger. That’s because furniture that doesn’t directly touch the floor essentially creates space where it wouldn’t be otherwise and makes your bedroom feel much airier.

13.  Décor

Keep the items off the floor. The more you can nail to your walls, the more floor space will be seen.



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14.  Built in Storage around the Bed

Building shelves around your bed serves many purposes that will in turn make your room look larger. First, the shelving can double as a bedside table, saving space in that regard. The shelves will also make your bed look somewhat recessed, creating the illusion of depth in the wall. Additionally, the encompassing shelves will become the focal point of your room; drawing your eye to the centre and making the space around it seem open.

We aren’t all blessed with the large bedrooms in an apartment. But following the above bedroom ideas outlined above will help you live out the fantasy of a big bedroom, even if you can cross your abode in as little as four steps! Happy Designing!