Redecorate your 1 BHK In Hinjewadi By Adding These Four Ideas To It

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  • 28th March, 2020
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1 BHK In Hinjewadi

Redecorate your 1 BHK In Hinjewadi By Adding These Four Ideas To It

Are you new to Hinjewadi? Does your posh new flat have dull interiors because you haven’t had time to revamp it yet? Well, then it is time to get down to business right away. Check out the four fabulous yet affordable ideas of redecoration. Don on your work overalls and spend the weekend redecorating your home sweet home. Go shopping for props and interior decor items at the famous shopping malls and complexes of Hinjewadi. Transform your humble 1BHK in Hinjewadi into a beautifully decked home for the family.

1BHK in Hinjewadi Pune- Rediscover modern living

Contrary to popular ideas, redecoration of the house does not have much to do with expensive furniture and decoration items. Play with lights and colors to lend a new appeal to the room. Change the fabrics, hang a new pair of curtains, and re-arrange the aesthetics to make the rooms appear delightful and luxurious.

1. Douse the room with light nude colors

A 1BHK flat does not have spacious rooms. So bright and loud colors may make the room appear smaller. Dark colors like a bold red or chocolate brown can make the room seem too confined. If you want to lend a spacious touch to your room, then bring out the blushed nude or light nude colors. The pastel shades of blue, pink, light green, and gray are excellent choices for the room. However, painting the walls with nude colors is not enough. You need to ensure that the colors of everything else in the room complement the color of the wall. So, hang pretty light-colored curtains at the windows and doors.

2. Add a pop of color

If the entire room is now a variety of nude paints and colors, then it is time to add a dramatic pop of bright and funky colors. But make sure that the pop of color does not take up too much space in the room. Here is an idea about color pops. If there is a glass table in the room, then place a pot of colorful flowers, whether fresh or synthetic, at the center of the table. Don’t forget to change and replace the wilted flowers regularly. If you are using a bouquet of artificial flowers, then wipe it every day as dust tends to settle in on the fabric. The sudden pop of color will brighten up the room and make it appear beautiful.

3. Get rid of the heavy furniture

Heavy furniture is a big NO for 1BHK rooms. If you have heavy cupboards and closets in your room, then get rid of them immediately. Go for wall cabinets and wall closets. They do not take up the floor space and, as such, are ideal for 1BHK apartments. Add wall cabinets to your kitchen as well. You will love how spacious your room will become after making the changes.

4. Accessorize the empty walls

If the walls of the room seem too empty, then grab a few accessories from the nearest home decor store. Hang a few family photos on the wall. Get a fancy clock, and perhaps a pretty dreamcatcher of feathers. Do not overcrowd the walls. The redecoration is now complete.


Your dream home is now ready. Open your eyes every morning to picturesque walls, fancy curtains, and sunbeams playing on the floor. Do remember to change the redecoration now and then whenever you feel up to it. Consider a few potted plants for the redecoration of the small but pretty balcony.

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